Sunday, May 27, 2012

|| .:: Miss Ing ::. ||

I meet Miss Ing again today..
It has been a long time that I did not see Miss Ing..
somehow, today I meet her again..
just dun like meeting Miss Ing..
she always bring terrible feeling to me..

Summer on the outside, winter on the inside..
How I wish my world are always in spring..
everything.. everything.. is just the beginning..
everything is findings it's way to welcome the happy summer..
some would say going through autumn is the most difficult time..
but to me, autumn is where you can truly find you deepest sadness and express out..
through a photo or a pieces sing out by your fingers..
it just a time to examine ourself.. let go of the deepest sadness and make way for another coming spring..
I can have a "summer look & act", but nevertheless, after meeting Miss Ing,
I'm fast forwarding myself into autumn..again..
accompanying me is some old+sad love songs..
just when I about to finished this,someone just called and shhhoo Miss Ing away~!!!
hahaha.. Miss Ing, good bye!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

|| .:: expect the unexpected ::. ||

I just want to be a kid, where nothing is going to make you sad for a long time..
Kid, forget things in just minutes and..
picking up the happy things the next seconds..
There's a saying that "The older the wiser"..
is that true?
Sometimes I am wondering..
The older we are, the more problems follow us..
Are we wise enough to get rid of the problems?
Why are those problem is solved and yet the same problem can be happening to you again?
Is it that we never learn?
or we just let it happen again?
I do think that the kids are the smartest..
this is because they know and understand how can they truly enjoy life..
without considering many things..
sometimes I wonder, can I do the same thing?
Answer is NO..
the brain has programmed to check the checklist before making any decision..
I wanted to do a lot of things.. but after filtering the checklist..
the only things that I can do is..
You Saw it and Read it here..
Good Night! No dreams and sleep well..
I do hope you are well again as you.. TW