Saturday, May 20, 2017

|| .:: Blue, the BIG & the small ::. ||

FINALLY & finally !!!
My "little little blue" has finally make its way out of my "little blue"

It wasn't a good thing that it has to get down though, as it has suffers "injuries" from the sun & vibration throughout the many many months.

I accidentally broke the spoiler while taking it down.. T_T
Fine... I glue it back will do... okay, this was my plan..
what out of my plan was how fragile now is it now (after many months of sun bathing i presume)

LOOK!!! part of the rear "eye lens" came off after my fascination to this little car; opening all the doors,
Damn! This is part is small & transparent!
I must get extra careful when putting it back, my heart was screaming

With old newspaper, Super Glue, Toothpicksss,
i finally get it to hold on to the boot securely with most of the super glue sticking on my fingersss

Behold! it has gain back its original rear face

Okay now, it's time for them to get a "family" photo..
**Oh, I just realized that both of them shares the "X" at the end of the Car Plate Number.. haha

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

|| .:: The Forgotten ::. ||

This familiar yet alien place was once my free time hobby to post some of my thoughts/feelings and some nice photos. It really has been awhile, after the "incident" and this comfort place has been abandoned.

Well, this place has gone through my ups & my downs. If it's really being forgotten, it's impossible. Memories are really meant to be memories, it's good to look back but it's much more assured to look things further ahead. Watch out for what's coming your ways and what's drifting off is much more important to me.

Now, the format of this newer post has changed. Maintenance some of the gadgets on the right. Sadly clock has been removed and I couldn't borrow that any more. =(

Every post end with a photo and that has been my signature of blogging. Please do allow me to showoff a little here. <3

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

|| .:: A Random Thought ::. ||

To make ones a happy day,
expect everything to go your way.
When the message you expect got delay,
it seems like everything fades away.

When your dearest thirst of care,
though this situation is rare
but beware,
things are never meant to be a pair

Filling up the day with some painful pressed
so looking forward on a late night jazz,
Though the body energy is getting less
still fighting hard to run away from this mess

Since ones is feeling stress,
better put down the charming dress
and hide in the warmest nest
to finally have a peaceful rest

~ Good Night World ~

*** view from my room ***

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

|| .:: Wild Wild Mission ::. ||

Well, since I've failed to write a post a month, now let me have some bolder action on my blog.It will be everything out of order, without boundary, no format.. FREE!!!

I guess, this is what I need the most..
Free up my time, and save the time for myself..

Today, I've free up myself, by having a latte & a slice of cake with me in VCR Cafe to occupied my evening. This feel good.. =D

Probably, this is what I need. Or, maybe, I'm too use to the way I've live for the past 2 years. =|

I've actually misses the VCR Cafe after turning in to Jalan Galloway. From Google Map, it seems to be very deep inside that street but in actual, it's not.

This is the only thing you can see from the street.

Some of you might wonder why I know this cafe. Well, there are other bloggers has recommend this place and so yeah, I'm gonna try out myself. ^^

Since after working hours, there'll surely be a jam anywhere in KL City, why not I just stay a little longer in KL City before heading back home right?

Walking upstairs, there's a small balcony for smokers and there're a few big tables for people who need some room for laptop like me.

It's quite a decent place for people just to relax and chill-out.
Don't be fool by the photo though, my 4UltraPixel can never take such a shot like this.

I've bring my Best "Eye Buddy" along.. ^^

Blueberry Cheese... hmm.. just so so...
ps: the couple behind poses quite well for me don't you think ? hahaha..

this is worth mentioning a bit as this latte suits my taste bud. It's just nice.

Alright, I guess that will be it for now. Not sure when is the next update, but I promise, it will not be long. Something exciting is on its way... Stay tune~

Location :

VCR Cafe
2, Jalan Galloway
Bukit Bintang
50150 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours : 8:30 am – 11:00 pm

Monday, December 1, 2014

|| .:: Revealed ::. ||

This post suppose to be written in October
But then again, I've failed..
Anyway, October Story is starting below:

 "Once upon a time, there's ......
when his sister told him that "no matter what had happen, you are still by good brother". That sentence brought tears on his cheek and a grateful smile on his face. It was the sweetest thing that he has heard for ages."

Sharing stuff with siblings are very common (Well, of course many are otherwise =X)
being able to reconnect with you again is indeed very happy

 Much of the story isn't revealing here but it's important enough that I need to record it here..
As much as I wish to share it here, the conversation should be just between you and me.. =)

Things that are important are needless to say, it's already well carved in our hearts..

Friday, September 19, 2014

|| .:: I'm Home ::. ||

Yes! This is a back dated post.
Yes! I was very busy when I was just back.

It's indeed a joy that I've finally made my way back home.
Joining this short trip it's indeed a confirmation of my decision was made very wisely.
I was a little worried that I may regret of what my decision was but now,
It's confirmed. =)

A day trip in Sekinchan with my family it's just very short

but nevertheless, it's the most enjoyable ones since years!

I'm a child again in the family.

Playing with my siblings were my memories but now,
I making this a new memory again.

It was my very first time of making such huge soap bubbles

and thank you very much for my beloved sister who capture this moment for me.

I'm indeed blessed to have you guys as my family.

Thank God for preparing the way for me.

=) Your Smile are always great <3

Saturday, August 16, 2014

|| .:: LGBT Is Human too! ::. ||

It is really amazing that LGBT Pride will be this happening in Hanoi. They are much more open than my homeland. I do feel ashamed that our mind has to be so narrow in my home country.
I did not expect to see such great success they have here. I thought it was just a little people to visit. This is really eyes opening.
Perhaps, the country is a little behind but their thoughts are way in front. Looking back at us, I do think that we are putting a reverse gear.
We are all equal. No matter who you are, we still breath the same air.
Let's take down our "colours glass" and treat everyone the same. We are human after all.

Monday, July 21, 2014

|| .:: The Kafe by KitchenArt ::. ||

Never had expected that I'm working in a cafe like this during a weekday.
Guess working in Vietnam is not so bad after all.

Taking a lunch here is indeed a luxury.
With such simple urban decoration, it makes this place a classy place.
and, luxury equivalent to the price of food as well. =X

The Kafe by KitchenArt
Yes! I do agree that food is an art here but that's just limited to our vision and not our mouth. It's just somewhat alright with the food but with such a price, I'm expecting more.

First up, Hot Cappucino. From the looks, it's just fine, nothing too fancy about it.

As for the taste, well, I should say it has much much much rooms to improve!!!

Next, Homemade Garlic & Herbs Bread. Now, this is something special that I've never taste before. I guess the herbs do play some role as it has a special aroma apart from the butter and garlic.

I'll give a thumb up for this.

Now, for the real highlight here, it's the "Xiu Mai meatballs in tomato sauce with cheddar cheese" which is actually Steamed Cheese MeatBall in Tomato Sauce.

Ok, I do agree that the name caught my attention first before actually looking at the photo on the menu. Taste wise, hmmm, it's pretty impressive!!! The cheesy solid out look might have trick you impression that the meatball is hard. But the juicy soft inside makes you feel like you are in the heaven. This is a must try here.

Last but not least, for those who know me well, haha, YES, it's ice cream but not just ice cream this round, the Waffle Fever is back!!!

Ice cream is smooth but it is still not comparable with the ice cream in Standing Theory. Texture of the Waffle is also not on par with Standing Theory too! But there's one thing it stand out from the crowd, they have added Cinnamon in the Waffle. I'm not a fan of Cinnamon but I would say it actually works well with their homemade syrup.

With this it ended my time here and heading back and continue to work. What a special day today to have this enjoyable working time. How I wish I can be like that everyday.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

|| .:: Special Day ::. ||

It's a special day for me.
Mom, I have to thank you for bring me into this world with great care and education and great freedom for me to be who I am now.

Happy Birthday to myself!!!
Yeah, it's the last twenth+ birthday celebration.. it's pathetic

It's pretty bored to celebrate birthday alone especially in the foreign country like this. If I have much time, then probably I'll just go somewhere to celebrate my birthday, maybe Ha Long Bay or Da Nang Beach.
I wish I have more time here. :(

On my last post, I mentioned that I didn't know what to get for myself as my birthday present this year.
But somehow, haha, this little guy was announced on the same date of my birthday!!!

I was searching to get the previous gen but it was unsuccessful. Many of the sellers are fake and trying to cheat money from that trade.

So here comes the 2nd Gen, and called Copen Robe

it's such a nice little car which does 22km/l with acceptable power and with a metal folding roof!!!

So, this year, I'll save the money of my present and wait till next year to award myself with this little toy. (hopefully someone bring it in to Malaysia) =)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

|| .:: This is a special month ::. ||

This is a special month for a special person.. hahahaha
This will be the last twentieth birthday but I've no idea on how to celebrate it..
This is funny.. hahaha..

Each year since that year, I've promise myself to pamper myself with a present on my birthday each year..
This year, I don't know what I should pamper myself with..
Maybe, the things that I desire for is too expensive to be own right now.. hahaha..

Last last year and last year, iOS and Android came to me
as my present for the month of june and somehow,
Windows walk in to the collection last year end..

hmm.. should I complete the collection with a Black Berry? hahahaha..

Well, it's not that I don't have present..
See, you have given me this..

and this..

and I'm very happy already... ^^

It's just that I do need to fulfill the promise to myself only.. hahaha..
Yes, a silly thinking...

hmm.. anyhow, it's just another day..
maybe I'll have to work during that day.. =)
Ultimately, my wish for this year ***everyone that I know of to be stay safe and healthy and happy always.
Happy for the Month of June.. ^^