Friday, December 30, 2011

|| .:: Master Piece ::. ||

Wow!!! New Look for my blog here!!!
hmm.. my blog is ready for the coming new year..
what about you?

As for me, I still have tonnes of things haven't been done..
and I just realize that is 30th December 2011 already.. =.=
OK, I'm a little slow this time due to many many things had happened..
Should I just rush through everything?
Or, still doing it with my tempo?
Anyway, hereby I would like to wish my loyal readers
A Happy New Year and may you forgive, accept and forget..
as those things is already the past..
Let's look further ahead to achieve a higher stage of life.. =)
PS: Please feel free to comment on the overall design ya! ^^

|| .::习惯 ::. ||










Friday, December 16, 2011

|| .:: 弱 ::. ||

怕, 自己的保护墙给毁了,伤到自己。。
怕, 什么都个别人看光了,没有安全感。。
This is the real human being in the social network

Thursday, December 15, 2011

|| .:: DIstance ::. ||

Some says it's the root cause of a problem;
some says it's the gap between the relation;
some says it's wall of communication;
some says it's just another reason to breakup...

But no matter what it is..
It is still depending on the 2 persons..
how they want to maintain the relationship..
Love can overcome many obstacle that can't be seen or known..
I said, Distance is just another way to get closer in relationship..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

|| .:: Hope ::. ||

Has been thinking the same thing this whole day..
I hope you can be well..
I hope during the healing process you won't be that suffer..
I hope your work load will be lesser today..
I hope traffic is smooth to work and back from work..
I hope the medicine won't make you feel drowsy..
I hope everything will go the way you want it to be..

Summary, I can only "Hope" but I can't be part of the process..
Lastly, I hope I can be with you now.. :')
Hope from Far Away, France

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

|| .:: hoknotyalc ::. ||

"sorry for not here taking care of u..
buying u ribenna,
force u to take medicine
force u to rest
buy some grapes and feed u with my hands
i m sure u ll be well faster"

Quote from a conversation...
It's meaningful to me..

This is the limitation of distanced relationship..

"We realise the limitation and appreciate what we can do"
Quote from hoknotyalc..

"In letting me love you and loving me in return, you have shown me the deep joy of putting someone else first"
Quote from Wedding Vows & Traditions

"The more love we receive, the more love we shine forth"
Quote from Dante

Now I know why the "Sunshine" shines so bright.. lolz..
cos hoknotyalc has give so much love to the "Sunshine".. ^^

Quote from the book of Weeding Vows & Traditions:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

|| .:: 亲切感 ::. ||

评审在最后说了一句 “bagus”



Monday, November 28, 2011

|| .:: 1st Day of work ::. ||

As if that I am that young to shout it out..
but nevertheless, I'm not that old..
although I maybe stepping into the working world quite early,
but still, I'm just a little kid who is always playful and wonder around..
Honestly speaking, I've got a little nervous..
As I'm not sure about the working environment, how's the french colleagues culture, how's the work load and stuff..
Well, the feeling is like 5 years ago, when I first walk into the very first company that I was working with..
heart pumping is at allegro, fingers & toes are getting cold, started to speak abnormal english, etc..
*taking deep breath slowly, breathing out slowly, and repeating~*
OK, not that I've calm myself down..
I trust that I'll be ok today.. ya, I will..
Good luck Lum Kai Mun! =)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

|| .:: Day 1 ::. ||

Day 1

-Missing alot of ppl..
-cleaning up my room..
-rearrange all the stuff in my room..
-get myself food and drink..
-talking French to the local for the first time..
and found many of them doesn't know english..
-trying to adjust the time different here..

Hope I can get use to all this here as soon as possible.. =)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

.::|| last time ||::.

Many last time things are so clearly recorded in my mind..
I know i'm gonna miss alot of things in Malaysia..
No matter is the people, food, place..
I've already given some space in my "given hard disk" to burn it add hard as I can to store this valuable memories..
Especially those special one..
The last time making u feel bad ..
The last time making u mad at me physically here..
The last time getting into the cinema..
The last time watching movie with u..
The last time receiving ur gifts..
The last time getting together as a family travel to oversees..
... And etc....

I can name more and more and more...
But, something in me tells me.. It's only 3 months..

Well, let's has faith on this and I do trust i'm well prepared to take care of myself..
missing u, u, u, u, u, u, u, u, u and u...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

.::|| In Time? ||::.

"Maybe the person wants you to start writing so that when you are not there, here is the only avenue that the person feelssome kind of connection with you. November 3, 2011 11:50 AM"

someone has leave me such a comment on my previous post..
I guess my leaving do cause a lot of changes to the ppl around me..
I just realize how much they have really concern and care about me..
Especially someone that have leave me the comment..
Felt like i'm just being very selfish to myself.. :(
Wat can I do to repay them?
Answer is nothing..
Someone said the best present is to see me back safe..
Taking good care of myself will be best present for u all..

Counting the days remaining in Malaysia before heading out,
I then only realize that time is really so precious and would rather sleep lesser,
To gain more time to spend with the person I care..

Hong Kong family trip photos will not be uploaded so soon as well..
As I need those time to spend with everyone before i'm away..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

|| ..:: Something to Share ::.. ||

"Sometimes we spend time asking who is responsible or who to blame, whether in a relationship, in a job or with the people we know. We miss out some warmth in human relationship in giving each other support. After all, shouldn't forgiving someone we love be the easiest thing in the world to do? Treasure what you have. Don't multiply pain, anguish and suffering by holding on to forgiveness.

If everyone can look at life with this kind of perspective, there would be much fewer problems in the world.

Take off all your envies, jealousies, unwillingness to forgive, selfishness, and fears and you will find things are actually not as difficult as you think...!"

Just come across these lines today and thought of sharing with you here..
as someone has just complaint that
I've not been updating this blog for quite some times..>.<

Well, I'm really busy these days..
Busy to spend my time in person with you rather than spending time to write here..
as.. the time is short for me to stay here this year..
even shorter for next year.. =(

Sunday, October 2, 2011

|| ..:: balcony ::.. ||

Sitting at the balcony...
Looking out side at the busy traffic..
having of u on my mind..
Recalling back the memories..
this is how I spend my day while u r drunk on the other side of the world...
As I m writing,
The sky started to cry...
As if to confirmed with me that
The scene from the balcony won't be nice...
Because u r the missing piece in the scene...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

|| .:: JealOusY ::. ||

"Jealousy is fine but too much of it can destroy. Fact is, if you trust a person, u will give a person a measure of freedom. Too much trust and freedom sometimes can be a mistake. But without a measure of true trust n freedom, how can a union grow when constantly shackled by doubt n suspicion :- BIBI K."

Notice "JOY" is in between "Jealousy"?
What does this JOY means?
As Bibi K said, Too much trust and freedom, sometimes is a bad thing..
why? Why she said so?
because he may enJOY too much this trust and freedom he has..
at the same time, too little jealousy also is a bad thing...
because there's no JOY in between both of you!

Therefore, conclusion is...
we need to find a balance..
and to find that balance,
it requires both party to do it together.. not alone..

In a relationship, it your BF/GF tells you He/She is not jealous on anything...
then you have to becareful!

This is because he/she is lazy to care about you anymore...^^

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

|| ..:: T.T ::.. ||

Sad sad...
Sad sad sad...

That's all I can describe..

Monday, September 26, 2011

|| .:: 1st night ::. ||

This is the first night...
without "Good Night"..
things are being understood...
need not to be sad..
as it's something to get use to..
need not feel bad..
as it's something that naturally it will take place in the future..
I've got the "Superman" at least.. =)
Have fun in the meetings..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

|| .:: next phase ::. ||

Things happen for a reason...
at least that is what I believe...
Separating physically from your love ones is really a new lesson to be learn of..
and I do believe everybody has to learn the "new" way to communicate under this situation..
it has just been the 3rd day..
another 11 more days to go...
less than 2 weeks from now at least..
ok.. then.. 2 more weeks for us to meet up and then...
I am will be heading to HK.. and.. in less than a month,
I'll be going somewhere outside of Malaysia...
So, does that mean at current situation,
we are actually having our trial/training from separating physically?
Guess "TIME" is the biggest enemy...
4:22am over there... must be snoring like PIG now!!! >.<"
as long as the heorte is still strongly intact,
we are still ONE...
That is what I believe~!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

|| ..:: very well ::.. ||

Half way of the title..haha..
Ok I purposely post with that title..
Should be very well rested..
And I got back my double eye lid..
today's mood is good.. Just dunno why..
Probably it's because I've sleep enough..
And because of something happen 3 months ago...
Glad that I've chosen to take this important step of my life..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

|| .:: EnjoyEd ::. ||

Friday, Saturday & Sunday...
we have truely enjoyed...
Friday was the most unexpected one...
"The Dining Room" "The Living Room" "The Balcony"..
haha.. that was the most silly things that I ever imagine off..
Glad that you are there to accept my silliness...
Saturday was the most lazy day off the week...
resting and 'lepaking' at home..but there's kind of fun..
as remembering how i 'wasted' time when i was younger..
glad that you called to "The Balcony"...
but i prefer not to "installed" the air-cond at "The Balcony"..
Sunday is a painful yet wonderful day...
People always says, "No Pain, No Gain"
and.. i guess some what true..
therefore, to you, yes.. YOU!!!
Please dun feel bad... It's part of life~! =)
Ciao~! Sweet Dreamzzz...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

||.:: mid sept ::.||

We've just celebrated mid autumn festival..
And so fast we are ady at mid sept..
The next thing we know, it will be end of sept..
Then end of oct...
Then end of nov...
Everything is now set..
Just waiting for the planed play to be put on scene..
Any emergency changes we are yet to know..
The only thing we can think of to do now is..
Make the present moment special and happy..
Cos for sure u won't regret about it even it became a memory after that..
Therefore, stop being unhappy..
let's forget and forgive urself n others and make our days happy ahead..

Saturday, August 27, 2011

|| .:: Happy Holidays ::. ||

Happy Holidays everyone~!
And not to forget,
Selamat Hari Raya to all muslims.. and
to all Malaysian,
Happy 54th Independence Day!!!

It will be the most enjoyable week!!!
Enjoy everyone...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

|| .:: Courage ::. ||

Hoknotyalc Hoknotyalc,
wherefore art thou Hoknotyalc...

I tot I'm strong enough to hold this..
but yet.. end up.. I've lesser courage than you have..
Just a "Like" on the status..
is it so hard?
Why am I not be able to do that?
Why do I think few times before I made that decision??
Sometimes, I am just so sick of myself..
Acknowledged yet don't dare to admit
Told yet forget
Caring yet careless..
I am just a junk..
But I know I'm lucky because
the Junk I see in the mirror, is a Sunshine in your eyes..
~tiako ianao~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

|| .:: Off dAy?? ::. ||

Is tomorrow consider an off day?
no need to work in office = stay at home and work
stay at home and work = off day from office??
anyway, do feel like it's a holiday for me..
as the whole house of ppl
is NOT GOING TO WORK or SCHOOL tomorrow!!! >.<"

The sacrifices that I need to make is..
Wake up at 2am..hopefully can get VPN..
reporting.. then nap awhile.. get up at 7am..
process data.. reporting..then nap awhile..
10am, run script.. monitor till 2pm..
reporting again.. then submit daily report..
and sending out the last monitoring report at 6pm..
yea.. basically is working whole day at home from..
2am to 6pm...
*sigh.. *shake head*..>.<"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

||.:: because of you ::.||

My life is complete..
My life is full with colors..
My life is so much diff..
This is the best thing ever..
if the world's oculus can be a lil different,
I'm very sure everyone is happy... =)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

|| .:: I'm so Sorry ::. ||

Me, is always like tat..
hurting ppl unintentionally..
I really had a stinky mouth..
when jokes turns into facts is a serious nightmare..
nvr know jokes will turn into facts and that someone would actually believe..
Diff ppl will have diff mentality to judge a joke..
i m so so wrong...
even if u say u forgive, but I'll nvr forget n forgive the scary moment..
>.<'" I'm really Sorry~~!

Monday, August 1, 2011

|| .:: what is this feellings ::. ||

If you don't know..
this kind of feelings has been gone for ages..
I nvr ever felt this way before..
It is more than a dream come true..
is there any words to express this feelings?
I bet none of the written words can let me express my feelings right now~!
Thank you for wat you have done for today..
Really really appreciates it so so much..
I was feeling like i was in the dream..
but now, i knw I'm in reality with such a blessing..
I'm lucky to be the chosen one..haha..

Friday, July 29, 2011

|| .:: enjoying life ::. ||

I suppose to be back at 6:15pm..
need to say a "Big Thank you" to my beloved Boss..
that the "short" meeting is drag from 15mins to one hour.. =.="

Because of him,
I haven't prepare myself for the short short trip tomorrow..
haven't got the time to buy snacks...
haven't got the time to pack... =.="

but also because of him..
I saw a very funny scenery at KTM station...

It was the 1st, the train was delay as usual, and
the crowd is huge!!! I gave up to squeeze in...
As I'm standing there to watch the crowd who are squeezing themselves..
my inner heart feel abit pathetic..
why cant they line-up and go in one by one?
*sigh.. *shake head..

As I'm waiting for the next train,
a family from US (asian) came by and wait for the next train..
as they just saw the 1st train going off..
then there's a train approaching to the opposite platform..
and was announced that it was too pack and requesting the ppl to wait for another train..
one of the daughter said, "let see how they get in.."
her daddy replied her, "it's not funny.."
i wonder how is the lifestyle there in the US..
the girl even said, "i wonder how those working ppl here getting on the train everyday!"
I was like @@ --> =.="

after 30mins..
the next train finally came..
from US.. so what..
still squeeze in like we do.. LOL!!!
One thing is for sure different than we do here is..
the Unity of Fanily..
the Handsome Boy n the daddy is so protective to their members..
and even joke and laugh so naturally in the "Sardine Can"..
You can really feels the warm beside them..
they are funny and lovely family..
Making all of the Malaysian envy their ways of communication..

Wow!!! It's a long essay afterall!!!
nah~! just a stupid day to record down..
We, really do need to enjoy life.. with your love ones..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

|| .:: another movie time ::. ||

Yup Yup!!!
Another night movie for tonight...
Sweet sweet...
Got lots of Leng Lui but only got one Leng Zai.. =.="
but is more than enough.. LOL
yeah~ although it's a lame movie with a lame storyline..
but, it's very very sweet..
Only stupid ppl will understand stupid ppl's actions..
I'm stupid... LOL
what matters is the heart..
the outlook or we use to say, "the packaging",
looks good, but many many filled with a stinky heart..
what is the use when "the packaging" start to de-form and the real heart is seen?
Use our Heart to treat everything & everybody..
so that we are truely living in the "REAL" world..
Nitez World..ZZzzzzz....

Friday, July 22, 2011

|| .:: Two Days ::. ||

2 free days are coming..
last week plan for this weekend is to stay at home..
wash my car,
wash my clothes..
and wanna watch pps movies..
and enjoying my snacks..
haiz... seems like plan failed..
later going out...
tml also going out..
yeah... whole day again I m not at home..
miss my bed.. =(
miss my room.. =(
and also, i miss someone.. haha..
hopefully see u in my dream later..U special one..
another 2 days.. we shall meet..hahaha...

Monday, July 18, 2011

|| .:: 我想你哦~ ::. ||


我竟然backoff了。。haiz.. *shake head*
今天,突然地有点想你。。i miss u.. =)

|| .:: relaxing ::. ||

Sometimes, nothing to do is a good thing..
Good for you to rest your mind and think clearly what to do next..
Good for you to enjoy every seconds with what you wanna do...
Good for you to relax your whole body every seconds..
I'm so stupid today.. by looking at the clock,
telling myself that.. "ahh, finally is time for me to relax..."
"seeing to clock ticks.. looking at the count down timer of a movie..."
"and telling myself.. I'm truely enjoying every seconds today"
No need to rush for this n that..
taking the tea a sip.. watching those funny movie...
and eating my favorite snacks...
oohhh~ tat's the most enjoyable moments of life...
I shd do it every sunday..
I'm old ady.. passes the Quarter of the Century...
It's time for me to act old... XXXXXXDDDDDDD

Saturday, July 9, 2011

|| .:: Wat had happen today? ::. ||

was on MSN after dunno how many hundreds days i've abandoned it..
2 Ex "hi" me..but I was away...
miss to reply both of them..
Sorry ya both friends~ I was stuck in the jam..

Checking back my hotmail, found that really long long time
din login to clear off some junk mail..
There's a Mail in May the 6th..
which had really caught my attention..
Shock! Shock & Shock!!!
Who is the writer of this mail?
Knowing so detail of almost everything...
But some of the thing is a lil wrong with the prediction of the writer..
he/she said,
"KM, he is a stupid guy for sure, no one would understand how might a man could think of others before think of his ownself (every time), his is KM, stupidest"
I m just a junk.. not as good as you all seen..
But thank you for you all for the concerns made about that issue..
Truely appreciates what you all have done..
but, do rmb, past is past..
present is present..
and future is future..

BF/GF relationship doesn't always give us the most satisfaction..
but a true caring heart from friends, family, colleagues and anyone..
is the most touch, satisfying, happy and appreciated one...
no matter wat the relationship with ones might be, caring does make everyone happy..
As long as everyone is happy, there's ntg we shd be sorry of.. =)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

|| .:: 小孩子 ::. ||


Friday, June 24, 2011

|| .:: sweet ::. ||

the feelings of this few days..
it's just so sweet..
maybe is because my b'day...
or maybe also others b'day which so happen to be close to mine b'day..
that making me so excited..
and.. HAPPY!!!
I hope this HAPPY dun hide from me anytime soon..
I'll nvr forget this moment... :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

|| .:: Happy Birthday!!! ::. ||

Happy Birthday to me!!!
It was a wonderful trip..
Stress free..
Extremely happy..
and ...
Super duper surprised..
Haha.. I loved it..

This is my cake...the most irresistible Tiramisu from Suchan..

lights off please...

Happy 26th B'day!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

|| .:: excited!!! ::. ||

Oh no!!!
IT's already 12:19am 16 June!!!!
I'm just feeling so excited...
can't sleep at all!!!
maybe is too looking forward on this holiday...
One more day to go!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

|| .:: a day of joy ::. ||

Well, today is really a joy..
to celebrate my best friends B'day..
and to thank him for helping so much this few months..
without his help, i dunno where i am now...
sharing my most desirable Baked Pudding with Vanila Ice Cream..

and so happen there's movies showcase..
yup!!! both the kiddie went to see...
and.. fight a place to stand to take photos of those "Smurfs"
They really bring back those memories..
i still rmb it was my kindergarden time...
when i first known Smurfs on TV...
I must watch it in 3D in Sept..hehe..

Oh!!! Not to forget, there are chipmunks here as well!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

|| emoing... ||

I dun understand myself...
why everytime there's so much work to do?
can I have one day free?
Really free to do my own things?
why do I have to take care so many things?
where are my time for my own things to be cleared?
why am I always thinking the benefit about others?
Should I learn more to be selfish?
Can I????
ok.. just dun care about me..
stay far far away from me to avoid any damage with my words..

|| working weekend.. ||

Is another working weekend...
tiring but yet it is satisfying when you have finished up the works..
i wonder, are all Gemini are like that?
It is like having fun of doing work sometimes..
but.. sometimes is just the other way around..
Tomorrow I'm going for Hill Tracking..
yeah.. the nearest and full of monkeys hill..
Gasing Hill Reserved Forest..
and after this fun,
another fun kicks in.. that should be..
"looking at stats & preparing the W900 procedure"
Happy Weekend everyone!!!
Hope you guys found you enjoyable things to enjoy yourself!!!
ops! Suddenly I felt I miss piano so much..
thinking to touch it the day after...nitezzz~

***updated after the jungle tracking...and guess wat, we found a natural swing!!!***

Thursday, June 9, 2011

|| coming soon.. ||

Finally it's signed!!!
And that means...I m goin to be free for 4 days soon!!!
the longest B'day break since I'm working..
normally just take a day off and that's it..
but... in this project, one day off isn't enough...
as you'll need to prepare stats for the next day..
having fun working life?
it's quite challenging..tat's y...
a long holiday is needed during my B'day..
need to have sometime for myself.. and
not married to work!
That day, the Doctor give me some medicine for flu...
and i ask her, "is this pills making me faint soon I take it?"
she said, "no, this is for day time and is a lighter dose"
"you shd get more rest and don't married yourself to your work"
I was like.. ha..ha..ha...
Can't wait for my day to come... =D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

|| I'm just nobody.. ||

Y everyone are having so high hope on me?
M i really that capable?
Do u all know I'm very good at acting?
Do u all know I'm feeling so much stress when u all is having so high hope on me?
Being the eldest doesn't mean everything i do must be near to perfect..
Being the eldest doesn't mean i must be the most success ones..
Being praise by others is an honor..
at the same time added lots of stress in me..
Can I just be me alone?
actually, I'm a soft and weak person..have mercy on me..
I'm only a small potato...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

|| 眼泪 ||


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

|| Happy happy days ||

Wow! It has been 10 days...
I've not been here..
most of the things here remain unchanged..
Not coming back here means I'm busy..
And also.. Happy..
Really thank you so much for spending time with me..
I've been longing for this day to come..
Thank you so much for making me happy...