Wednesday, September 28, 2011

|| .:: JealOusY ::. ||

"Jealousy is fine but too much of it can destroy. Fact is, if you trust a person, u will give a person a measure of freedom. Too much trust and freedom sometimes can be a mistake. But without a measure of true trust n freedom, how can a union grow when constantly shackled by doubt n suspicion :- BIBI K."

Notice "JOY" is in between "Jealousy"?
What does this JOY means?
As Bibi K said, Too much trust and freedom, sometimes is a bad thing..
why? Why she said so?
because he may enJOY too much this trust and freedom he has..
at the same time, too little jealousy also is a bad thing...
because there's no JOY in between both of you!

Therefore, conclusion is...
we need to find a balance..
and to find that balance,
it requires both party to do it together.. not alone..

In a relationship, it your BF/GF tells you He/She is not jealous on anything...
then you have to becareful!

This is because he/she is lazy to care about you anymore...^^

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

|| ..:: T.T ::.. ||

Sad sad...
Sad sad sad...

That's all I can describe..

Monday, September 26, 2011

|| .:: 1st night ::. ||

This is the first night...
without "Good Night"..
things are being understood...
need not to be sad..
as it's something to get use to..
need not feel bad..
as it's something that naturally it will take place in the future..
I've got the "Superman" at least.. =)
Have fun in the meetings..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

|| .:: next phase ::. ||

Things happen for a reason...
at least that is what I believe...
Separating physically from your love ones is really a new lesson to be learn of..
and I do believe everybody has to learn the "new" way to communicate under this situation..
it has just been the 3rd day..
another 11 more days to go...
less than 2 weeks from now at least..
ok.. then.. 2 more weeks for us to meet up and then...
I am will be heading to HK.. and.. in less than a month,
I'll be going somewhere outside of Malaysia...
So, does that mean at current situation,
we are actually having our trial/training from separating physically?
Guess "TIME" is the biggest enemy...
4:22am over there... must be snoring like PIG now!!! >.<"
as long as the heorte is still strongly intact,
we are still ONE...
That is what I believe~!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

|| ..:: very well ::.. ||

Half way of the title..haha..
Ok I purposely post with that title..
Should be very well rested..
And I got back my double eye lid..
today's mood is good.. Just dunno why..
Probably it's because I've sleep enough..
And because of something happen 3 months ago...
Glad that I've chosen to take this important step of my life..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

|| .:: EnjoyEd ::. ||

Friday, Saturday & Sunday...
we have truely enjoyed...
Friday was the most unexpected one...
"The Dining Room" "The Living Room" "The Balcony"..
haha.. that was the most silly things that I ever imagine off..
Glad that you are there to accept my silliness...
Saturday was the most lazy day off the week...
resting and 'lepaking' at home..but there's kind of fun..
as remembering how i 'wasted' time when i was younger..
glad that you called to "The Balcony"...
but i prefer not to "installed" the air-cond at "The Balcony"..
Sunday is a painful yet wonderful day...
People always says, "No Pain, No Gain"
and.. i guess some what true..
therefore, to you, yes.. YOU!!!
Please dun feel bad... It's part of life~! =)
Ciao~! Sweet Dreamzzz...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

||.:: mid sept ::.||

We've just celebrated mid autumn festival..
And so fast we are ady at mid sept..
The next thing we know, it will be end of sept..
Then end of oct...
Then end of nov...
Everything is now set..
Just waiting for the planed play to be put on scene..
Any emergency changes we are yet to know..
The only thing we can think of to do now is..
Make the present moment special and happy..
Cos for sure u won't regret about it even it became a memory after that..
Therefore, stop being unhappy..
let's forget and forgive urself n others and make our days happy ahead..