Wednesday, September 28, 2011

|| .:: JealOusY ::. ||

"Jealousy is fine but too much of it can destroy. Fact is, if you trust a person, u will give a person a measure of freedom. Too much trust and freedom sometimes can be a mistake. But without a measure of true trust n freedom, how can a union grow when constantly shackled by doubt n suspicion :- BIBI K."

Notice "JOY" is in between "Jealousy"?
What does this JOY means?
As Bibi K said, Too much trust and freedom, sometimes is a bad thing..
why? Why she said so?
because he may enJOY too much this trust and freedom he has..
at the same time, too little jealousy also is a bad thing...
because there's no JOY in between both of you!

Therefore, conclusion is...
we need to find a balance..
and to find that balance,
it requires both party to do it together.. not alone..

In a relationship, it your BF/GF tells you He/She is not jealous on anything...
then you have to becareful!

This is because he/she is lazy to care about you anymore...^^

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