Friday, July 29, 2011

|| .:: enjoying life ::. ||

I suppose to be back at 6:15pm..
need to say a "Big Thank you" to my beloved Boss..
that the "short" meeting is drag from 15mins to one hour.. =.="

Because of him,
I haven't prepare myself for the short short trip tomorrow..
haven't got the time to buy snacks...
haven't got the time to pack... =.="

but also because of him..
I saw a very funny scenery at KTM station...

It was the 1st, the train was delay as usual, and
the crowd is huge!!! I gave up to squeeze in...
As I'm standing there to watch the crowd who are squeezing themselves..
my inner heart feel abit pathetic..
why cant they line-up and go in one by one?
*sigh.. *shake head..

As I'm waiting for the next train,
a family from US (asian) came by and wait for the next train..
as they just saw the 1st train going off..
then there's a train approaching to the opposite platform..
and was announced that it was too pack and requesting the ppl to wait for another train..
one of the daughter said, "let see how they get in.."
her daddy replied her, "it's not funny.."
i wonder how is the lifestyle there in the US..
the girl even said, "i wonder how those working ppl here getting on the train everyday!"
I was like @@ --> =.="

after 30mins..
the next train finally came..
from US.. so what..
still squeeze in like we do.. LOL!!!
One thing is for sure different than we do here is..
the Unity of Fanily..
the Handsome Boy n the daddy is so protective to their members..
and even joke and laugh so naturally in the "Sardine Can"..
You can really feels the warm beside them..
they are funny and lovely family..
Making all of the Malaysian envy their ways of communication..

Wow!!! It's a long essay afterall!!!
nah~! just a stupid day to record down..
We, really do need to enjoy life.. with your love ones..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

|| .:: another movie time ::. ||

Yup Yup!!!
Another night movie for tonight...
Sweet sweet...
Got lots of Leng Lui but only got one Leng Zai.. =.="
but is more than enough.. LOL
yeah~ although it's a lame movie with a lame storyline..
but, it's very very sweet..
Only stupid ppl will understand stupid ppl's actions..
I'm stupid... LOL
what matters is the heart..
the outlook or we use to say, "the packaging",
looks good, but many many filled with a stinky heart..
what is the use when "the packaging" start to de-form and the real heart is seen?
Use our Heart to treat everything & everybody..
so that we are truely living in the "REAL" world..
Nitez World..ZZzzzzz....

Friday, July 22, 2011

|| .:: Two Days ::. ||

2 free days are coming..
last week plan for this weekend is to stay at home..
wash my car,
wash my clothes..
and wanna watch pps movies..
and enjoying my snacks..
haiz... seems like plan failed..
later going out...
tml also going out..
yeah... whole day again I m not at home..
miss my bed.. =(
miss my room.. =(
and also, i miss someone.. haha..
hopefully see u in my dream later..U special one..
another 2 days.. we shall meet..hahaha...

Monday, July 18, 2011

|| .:: 我想你哦~ ::. ||


我竟然backoff了。。haiz.. *shake head*
今天,突然地有点想你。。i miss u.. =)

|| .:: relaxing ::. ||

Sometimes, nothing to do is a good thing..
Good for you to rest your mind and think clearly what to do next..
Good for you to enjoy every seconds with what you wanna do...
Good for you to relax your whole body every seconds..
I'm so stupid today.. by looking at the clock,
telling myself that.. "ahh, finally is time for me to relax..."
"seeing to clock ticks.. looking at the count down timer of a movie..."
"and telling myself.. I'm truely enjoying every seconds today"
No need to rush for this n that..
taking the tea a sip.. watching those funny movie...
and eating my favorite snacks...
oohhh~ tat's the most enjoyable moments of life...
I shd do it every sunday..
I'm old ady.. passes the Quarter of the Century...
It's time for me to act old... XXXXXXDDDDDDD

Saturday, July 9, 2011

|| .:: Wat had happen today? ::. ||

was on MSN after dunno how many hundreds days i've abandoned it..
2 Ex "hi" me..but I was away...
miss to reply both of them..
Sorry ya both friends~ I was stuck in the jam..

Checking back my hotmail, found that really long long time
din login to clear off some junk mail..
There's a Mail in May the 6th..
which had really caught my attention..
Shock! Shock & Shock!!!
Who is the writer of this mail?
Knowing so detail of almost everything...
But some of the thing is a lil wrong with the prediction of the writer..
he/she said,
"KM, he is a stupid guy for sure, no one would understand how might a man could think of others before think of his ownself (every time), his is KM, stupidest"
I m just a junk.. not as good as you all seen..
But thank you for you all for the concerns made about that issue..
Truely appreciates what you all have done..
but, do rmb, past is past..
present is present..
and future is future..

BF/GF relationship doesn't always give us the most satisfaction..
but a true caring heart from friends, family, colleagues and anyone..
is the most touch, satisfying, happy and appreciated one...
no matter wat the relationship with ones might be, caring does make everyone happy..
As long as everyone is happy, there's ntg we shd be sorry of.. =)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

|| .:: 小孩子 ::. ||