Monday, July 21, 2014

|| .:: The Kafe by KitchenArt ::. ||

Never had expected that I'm working in a cafe like this during a weekday.
Guess working in Vietnam is not so bad after all.

Taking a lunch here is indeed a luxury.
With such simple urban decoration, it makes this place a classy place.
and, luxury equivalent to the price of food as well. =X

The Kafe by KitchenArt
Yes! I do agree that food is an art here but that's just limited to our vision and not our mouth. It's just somewhat alright with the food but with such a price, I'm expecting more.

First up, Hot Cappucino. From the looks, it's just fine, nothing too fancy about it.

As for the taste, well, I should say it has much much much rooms to improve!!!

Next, Homemade Garlic & Herbs Bread. Now, this is something special that I've never taste before. I guess the herbs do play some role as it has a special aroma apart from the butter and garlic.

I'll give a thumb up for this.

Now, for the real highlight here, it's the "Xiu Mai meatballs in tomato sauce with cheddar cheese" which is actually Steamed Cheese MeatBall in Tomato Sauce.

Ok, I do agree that the name caught my attention first before actually looking at the photo on the menu. Taste wise, hmmm, it's pretty impressive!!! The cheesy solid out look might have trick you impression that the meatball is hard. But the juicy soft inside makes you feel like you are in the heaven. This is a must try here.

Last but not least, for those who know me well, haha, YES, it's ice cream but not just ice cream this round, the Waffle Fever is back!!!

Ice cream is smooth but it is still not comparable with the ice cream in Standing Theory. Texture of the Waffle is also not on par with Standing Theory too! But there's one thing it stand out from the crowd, they have added Cinnamon in the Waffle. I'm not a fan of Cinnamon but I would say it actually works well with their homemade syrup.

With this it ended my time here and heading back and continue to work. What a special day today to have this enjoyable working time. How I wish I can be like that everyday.