Friday, June 24, 2011

|| .:: sweet ::. ||

the feelings of this few days..
it's just so sweet..
maybe is because my b'day...
or maybe also others b'day which so happen to be close to mine b'day..
that making me so excited..
and.. HAPPY!!!
I hope this HAPPY dun hide from me anytime soon..
I'll nvr forget this moment... :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

|| .:: Happy Birthday!!! ::. ||

Happy Birthday to me!!!
It was a wonderful trip..
Stress free..
Extremely happy..
and ...
Super duper surprised..
Haha.. I loved it..

This is my cake...the most irresistible Tiramisu from Suchan..

lights off please...

Happy 26th B'day!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

|| .:: excited!!! ::. ||

Oh no!!!
IT's already 12:19am 16 June!!!!
I'm just feeling so excited...
can't sleep at all!!!
maybe is too looking forward on this holiday...
One more day to go!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

|| .:: a day of joy ::. ||

Well, today is really a joy..
to celebrate my best friends B'day..
and to thank him for helping so much this few months..
without his help, i dunno where i am now...
sharing my most desirable Baked Pudding with Vanila Ice Cream..

and so happen there's movies showcase..
yup!!! both the kiddie went to see...
and.. fight a place to stand to take photos of those "Smurfs"
They really bring back those memories..
i still rmb it was my kindergarden time...
when i first known Smurfs on TV...
I must watch it in 3D in Sept..hehe..

Oh!!! Not to forget, there are chipmunks here as well!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

|| emoing... ||

I dun understand myself...
why everytime there's so much work to do?
can I have one day free?
Really free to do my own things?
why do I have to take care so many things?
where are my time for my own things to be cleared?
why am I always thinking the benefit about others?
Should I learn more to be selfish?
Can I????
ok.. just dun care about me..
stay far far away from me to avoid any damage with my words..

|| working weekend.. ||

Is another working weekend...
tiring but yet it is satisfying when you have finished up the works..
i wonder, are all Gemini are like that?
It is like having fun of doing work sometimes..
but.. sometimes is just the other way around..
Tomorrow I'm going for Hill Tracking..
yeah.. the nearest and full of monkeys hill..
Gasing Hill Reserved Forest..
and after this fun,
another fun kicks in.. that should be..
"looking at stats & preparing the W900 procedure"
Happy Weekend everyone!!!
Hope you guys found you enjoyable things to enjoy yourself!!!
ops! Suddenly I felt I miss piano so much..
thinking to touch it the day after...nitezzz~

***updated after the jungle tracking...and guess wat, we found a natural swing!!!***

Thursday, June 9, 2011

|| coming soon.. ||

Finally it's signed!!!
And that means...I m goin to be free for 4 days soon!!!
the longest B'day break since I'm working..
normally just take a day off and that's it..
but... in this project, one day off isn't enough...
as you'll need to prepare stats for the next day..
having fun working life?
it's quite challenging..tat's y...
a long holiday is needed during my B'day..
need to have sometime for myself.. and
not married to work!
That day, the Doctor give me some medicine for flu...
and i ask her, "is this pills making me faint soon I take it?"
she said, "no, this is for day time and is a lighter dose"
"you shd get more rest and don't married yourself to your work"
I was like.. ha..ha..ha...
Can't wait for my day to come... =D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

|| I'm just nobody.. ||

Y everyone are having so high hope on me?
M i really that capable?
Do u all know I'm very good at acting?
Do u all know I'm feeling so much stress when u all is having so high hope on me?
Being the eldest doesn't mean everything i do must be near to perfect..
Being the eldest doesn't mean i must be the most success ones..
Being praise by others is an honor..
at the same time added lots of stress in me..
Can I just be me alone?
actually, I'm a soft and weak person..have mercy on me..
I'm only a small potato...