Sunday, September 2, 2012

|| .:: 1st post in september ::. ||

Arghh!!! I thought I can create 2 blog post per month!!
Seems like my plan is ruined.. =(
Today it's already the 2nd of September!!! >.<

Well, in the first day of September, I've did something very crazy..
Which I have only dream about it before but never really try it..
Plus, it is the new Nissan Slyphy!!!
Oh gosh! That's like a dream come true to me..
The most happiest things in ever happen to me in Tom Yam Land..

Second, I get to enjoy myself with my Boleh Land people..
Which is kind of great!!!
Chit chat whatever things and the channel is so sync!!
There's no need to compare them with the "Tanah Besar" people..
Because, our culture is so much different..
Happy to know I can stay till 1am to post this.. Haha..
I hope September bring many happiness to everyone..
Well at least is a good start..^^ 
Good night world~~

You Are The Happiness & Appreciates Everything That You Have