Monday, September 30, 2013

|| .:: Coffee ::. ||

After staying in Thailand for such a long time, well, I began to adapt to their culture. Guess what, a coffee a day after lunch is a common practice here... =( which is a bad thing because coffee does stain you teeth and sugar will store as fats!!!! >.<

I guess I'm addicted to coffee now.. and... I've been starting to search for the coffee farm to visit..

Doi Chang (Elephant Mountain - a direct translation if you wouldn't mind) produces one of the finest coffee beans in Thailand. They were even franchise found all over the world! Including Malaysia of course. =)

In the Coffee Farm, it's actually a very relaxing place to be in. Imagine, having a cup of coffee with the amazing view while getting your work done is a perfect scene. But, who is willing to drive 2 hours and 30 minutes to your "Office" from Town? Maybe, there are...the craziest and funniest guy... P'Khoo.. haha.. 

Civet Coffee / Kopi Luwak (the locals call it "The Shit Coffee" hahahahahahaa...)

is the specialty on this mountain. You can't find this coffee easily on there franchise shops. 

Wondering why it's only a small cup? See the video below:

Here you are, Civet Coffee....

and the finished with the stunning view... NICE~~!!! ^^

How enjoyable.. Guess life just had to have some relaxation yet adding some spices of excitement.. ^^