Monday, December 1, 2014

|| .:: Revealed ::. ||

This post suppose to be written in October
But then again, I've failed..
Anyway, October Story is starting below:

 "Once upon a time, there's ......
when his sister told him that "no matter what had happen, you are still by good brother". That sentence brought tears on his cheek and a grateful smile on his face. It was the sweetest thing that he has heard for ages."

Sharing stuff with siblings are very common (Well, of course many are otherwise =X)
being able to reconnect with you again is indeed very happy

 Much of the story isn't revealing here but it's important enough that I need to record it here..
As much as I wish to share it here, the conversation should be just between you and me.. =)

Things that are important are needless to say, it's already well carved in our hearts..