Saturday, May 31, 2014

|| .:: 2014 - Family Trip ::. ||

It's a long ago planned trip.
For us (my sis & me) to meet up, it's really a hard thing to do.
that's the reason why she is missing from our 2013 Family Trip.. =(
Let's take a selfie first.. ^_^

Well, I almost couldn't make it for this trip too!
as the management in Vietnam is the worst that I've seen. (my personal opinion, our SPM leavers are much better than theirs Master Graduates)

Taking the road trip from KL to KT is just like old times.
what's the differences I noted was palm trees are getting lesser, highway are getting wider, and..
we are all much older.. =)

What is famous in KT??? haha.. here you go!!!
Keropok Lekor with chili paste! Yummy!

Maybe we has not been seeing the beach and sea for too long..
We were all very happy..

Try guessing which is my feet games is on..

Found lots of hermits crab around..

This is the real poser.. hahahahaha..

A very happy smile from Pa..

The beach boy.. hehehe..

The next day, while Pa and me are busy with the car,
the 2 ladies are sefie-ing.. *again* >.< (especially the younger one)

After 2 hours traveling on water, it's time to check-in..

This will be our home for few days..

Ok! Pa insist for this photo.. haha..

While I was shooting Pa & Mom, the selfie queen pull my little brother to be her subject..
I was fast enough to capture this.. muahahahahaha..

Island Hopping is the activity not to be missed!!!
Let's do a "Wefie".. hahahaha
my little brother look so handsome now..

I want to blame the photographer..
She only manage to shoot 1 "OK" underwater photo for me.. *sigh*

The best underwater photo that I took for this trip..
I'm feeling Proud.. haha

***more underwater photos & videos are on its way here***

Last day, visiting the nicest beach on this island..

I've to admit, Pa took great photos now.. haha..

Awaiting dinner, therefore, it's the best gossip time.. muahahaha

Goodbye Redang.. Thanks Pa for taking such a nice photo for us..