Friday, May 17, 2013

|| .:: 80s, prepared for your 30s? ::. ||

There's an article which I was very afraid to read of in Facebook (which is in chinese) and today, I've finally take up my courage to read it. Well, the title of the article was "To the 80s, are you ready for 30s?".

Honestly, I was scare to read about it because I knew what is it talking about before even I read about it. Why? The reason is simple, I Do Not Want To Face The Facts!!! As my tagline goes, "I'm still a little kid". I would like to be in my dream world. Looking/doing stuff like the kids will do. Though it may sounds stupid, but yeah, I enjoyed it. Having some cool dessert, some adventure alone, exploring the neighborhood alone, being a little unique on your phone/car/bike isn't just a privilege for kids/teens! Though the number 3 maybe come soon, but there's a little boy/girl exist in our heart. We are who we are and just be yourself!

One is never too old to do anything. There's no limit on what you can/can't do in the world. Go with your heart, flow with your heart, and enjoy every moment that will soon be the memories of you. No matter it's high or low, up or down, left or right, it's our own memories and some of the memories  will keep us moving and reminds us how wonderful things can be.

I've quote the last sentence of the article which says “今天,之所以区别于昨天,恰恰是因为昨天的感受依然在我心中。”, which means, "Today is different that yesterday because yesterday's memories are still running clearly in my heart." Not to deny that I do remember how crazy I was, how adventurous I was, how naive I was, how stupid I was, how poor I was, how hardworking I was, how I was being pampered by my grandma, how good it was during holidays time...etc.. The list can go on and on and on...

Well, as of today, I really felt.. I am old.. After looking back, wow! I've already walked that far. How can I not to admit that I'm old? Deep down, it's hurting as I have to force myself to accept the fact that "I'm old" but still, "I'm still a little boy". =)