Monday, March 31, 2014

|| .:: it's about TIME ::. ||

In the eyes of many, working in overseas symbolizes your career path is successful..
and earning big money..
this will be one of the hot topic of many aunties when they are free..
but did they also notice that actually those who are working in overseas
is sacrificing their time in exchanging money?
sacrifice their time with their love ones..
sacrifice their time to enjoy food with the people they wanted to..
such big sacrifice in return with just a little of that money..
how many will think this will be a long term solution?
working in overseas = successful career?
it's just an opportunity to see the world.. thats all..
it doesn't promise a successful career..
it's about time...

In the eyes of many, being in a relationship symbolizes a blessing on you..
but do you think all couples are bless with their relationship?
some relationship is not just you and me, but you, me, him, her..etc..
when a relationship is upgraded to a family, it will be a family matters..
when a family matters come, there are many party are involved..
therefore, this relationship is being bless or not by them are out of our control..
looking for a chance to make it a blessing from all of the parties..
it's about time..