Thursday, June 19, 2014

|| .:: Special Day ::. ||

It's a special day for me.
Mom, I have to thank you for bring me into this world with great care and education and great freedom for me to be who I am now.

Happy Birthday to myself!!!
Yeah, it's the last twenth+ birthday celebration.. it's pathetic

It's pretty bored to celebrate birthday alone especially in the foreign country like this. If I have much time, then probably I'll just go somewhere to celebrate my birthday, maybe Ha Long Bay or Da Nang Beach.
I wish I have more time here. :(

On my last post, I mentioned that I didn't know what to get for myself as my birthday present this year.
But somehow, haha, this little guy was announced on the same date of my birthday!!!

I was searching to get the previous gen but it was unsuccessful. Many of the sellers are fake and trying to cheat money from that trade.

So here comes the 2nd Gen, and called Copen Robe

it's such a nice little car which does 22km/l with acceptable power and with a metal folding roof!!!

So, this year, I'll save the money of my present and wait till next year to award myself with this little toy. (hopefully someone bring it in to Malaysia) =)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

|| .:: This is a special month ::. ||

This is a special month for a special person.. hahahaha
This will be the last twentieth birthday but I've no idea on how to celebrate it..
This is funny.. hahaha..

Each year since that year, I've promise myself to pamper myself with a present on my birthday each year..
This year, I don't know what I should pamper myself with..
Maybe, the things that I desire for is too expensive to be own right now.. hahaha..

Last last year and last year, iOS and Android came to me
as my present for the month of june and somehow,
Windows walk in to the collection last year end..

hmm.. should I complete the collection with a Black Berry? hahahaha..

Well, it's not that I don't have present..
See, you have given me this..

and this..

and I'm very happy already... ^^

It's just that I do need to fulfill the promise to myself only.. hahaha..
Yes, a silly thinking...

hmm.. anyhow, it's just another day..
maybe I'll have to work during that day.. =)
Ultimately, my wish for this year ***everyone that I know of to be stay safe and healthy and happy always.
Happy for the Month of June.. ^^