Monday, August 13, 2012

|| .:: Never know.. ::. ||

I never know you will still keep looking at this blog all the time..
even though I've told you I will not update it that frequent..
but yet, you keep looking at this page almost everyday..
(PS: do remember there's a traffic source to trace back.. ^^)

I wonder, is it I am taking too much..
Should I consider the feeling of others more than the feeling of myself?
I figured out.. based on my experiences.. =)
Yes, I am selfish.. I have to be..
I want to have a life of what I want..
Not what I should be..
By doing what I want, no matter is good or bad,
I'm the one who responsible for it..
and I've no one to blame..
Hope you understand..

I never know I'm that selfish.. and..
I never know you are that _______ <-- You fill up yourself.. ^^
Thank you thank you & thank you...