Tuesday, December 31, 2013

|| .:: Happy New Year 2014 ::. ||

Happy New Year 2014 Bloggy!!!

It's indeed a special year to countdown with Malaysians in foreign land..
Last year, I was counting down with Locals... which.. kind of.. not so connected
as to maybe our culture is different and most importantly, Language Barrel krub..

It's truly blessed with all friends witnessing 2013 to 2014..
although it was tiring.. but.. I felt the warm.. ^^

***No photos for this post as there are too crowded in Central World, Bangkok***

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 once again!!!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

|| .:: Part Time ::. ||

The month of November in 2013 has been my most busy of the year..
Apart from my full time job, I've a part time job..
Hahaha.. Wondering what is my part time job?
It is tour guide in Thailand!! lolz..

Firstly, I'm the tour guide of my family visit in Chiangmai & Chiangrai..
Then, Vincent's family visit to the same place again..
And now, I'm revisiting Maehongson again..
This round, being the tour guide of Chu, Vincent & Fu..

I'm really happy that apart from being an engineer, I found myself loving the work of tour guide..
Yes, it's definitely boring to see the same thing over and over again..
But, with the different group, each time, it is another experience..

It's the last day of the month again..
And it's the last day to update my blog here..
What amazed me is, I've posted a blog in Maehongson during the lonely trip I have 3 months ago with the title "backpacking-is-fun"

As usual with iOS, I can only upload the photos when I have my window's..
Can't wait to post the blog in December..^^

**Photos updated**

Doi Ang Khang, Chiangmai, Thailand - Family Trip 2013

Mae Sai (Golden Triangle), Chiangrai, Thailand - Family Trip 2013

Phu Klon Mud Spa, Maehongson, Thailand

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

|| .:: Path ::. ||

Choosing the correct path does it equal to better life?
Well, my answer is Yes and No.. (typical Gemini.. lolz..)

Yes because... Do the things you should do..
No because... you should once a while to be wild and adventurous..

Well, it's like something you should do and something you have to do.. 
To balance this out.. I would say...

What's life? What's your goal?
Life is meant to be happy... that's my motto.. 
Goal is something that set by you to achieve and that makes you happy

Do we needed to blame daily that I don't have this and that?
Answer is NO! What's the use of owning something that doesn't makes you happy?

Life is short.. 
Appreciates your family and those love you..
Appreciates those who helped you and
continue to bless the people around you with all your hearts..
and most importantly, be happy...

Looking back at those photos.. 
and some crazy things that we have done..

it's indeed a blessing...
Thank you guys for making all this valueable memories.. =)
[photo taken in Fang District, Chiangmai, Thailand by KaiMun]

Monday, September 30, 2013

|| .:: Coffee ::. ||

After staying in Thailand for such a long time, well, I began to adapt to their culture. Guess what, a coffee a day after lunch is a common practice here... =( which is a bad thing because coffee does stain you teeth and sugar will store as fats!!!! >.<

I guess I'm addicted to coffee now.. and... I've been starting to search for the coffee farm to visit..

Doi Chang (Elephant Mountain - a direct translation if you wouldn't mind) produces one of the finest coffee beans in Thailand. They were even franchise found all over the world! Including Malaysia of course. =)

In the Coffee Farm, it's actually a very relaxing place to be in. Imagine, having a cup of coffee with the amazing view while getting your work done is a perfect scene. But, who is willing to drive 2 hours and 30 minutes to your "Office" from Town? Maybe, there are...the craziest and funniest guy... P'Khoo.. haha.. 

Civet Coffee / Kopi Luwak (the locals call it "The Shit Coffee" hahahahahahaa...)

is the specialty on this mountain. You can't find this coffee easily on there franchise shops. 

Wondering why it's only a small cup? See the video below:

Here you are, Civet Coffee....

and the finished with the stunning view... NICE~~!!! ^^

How enjoyable.. Guess life just had to have some relaxation yet adding some spices of excitement.. ^^

Saturday, August 31, 2013

|| .:: Backpacking is fun!!! ::. ||

First time ever writing here during my traveling time..
I'm now at Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand..
A very peaceful and romantic place to be in..^^
Well, although I'm the only person here,
Looking around seeing tourists, couple..
and others are doing is another joy..

"China tourist being so loud to disturb the peaceful scene"
"Local couple sharing a piece of cake.. So sweet"
"Two good buddy having coffee and chit chatting"
"Farang/white tourist snapping photos here and there.."

Hahaha.. This is just truly enjoying life..

Drifting through the hilly hairpins are really a great enjoyment..
Yup! I remember all of you that are worrying about me..
But nevertheless, I know my limits as well as the car..^^
Therefore, I'll still be back in one piece..^^

Lastly, time for me to head to Mae Hong Son Town!!!
See you bloggy for now!!!

Yeah!!! Photos finally uploaded...!!!

1st Stop @ Coffee in Love, Pai, Maehongson

On my way to Maehongson Town, I killed a yellow butterfly... =(

Maehongson Town Market...

my favourite.. Mushroomsssssss

this flower looks so much like the Crafted Soap.. or should I say, Thai People handy craft are so close to the real thing...

Every good, has their bad;
therefore, every decision should made with no regrets..
as things are always 2 sided..

feel so much like our Malay Kampung... =)

hehehehehe... Certificate of conquering 1864 curves and hairpins... ^^

"Man in Black!!!" "Darlie" .... whatever~~ enjoying to the max!!!

I've painted another Paddy Field Painting...

Forest Painting next :

Sunday, July 7, 2013

|| .:: "I want a trip" ::. ||

After uploading Sukhotai Trip's photo to facebook,
I felt like I misses traveling so much....
More over, being the lonely traveler again on the Sukhothai trip..

Misses the time to see this amazing stone ways to the temple above..

Another stone way into the forest.. (though it felt a little creepy... @@)

Misses the "Natural Mirror" decorated with Lotus..

Misses the funny of taking photos...
PS: Yes, this is the original photo of the Ruins of the Stupa.. not erase by photoshop ya! ^^

Last but not least, the peaceful scenes that calms the busy city life of ones inner heart down..

Another trip must be ON in this July...
Life is meant to be enjoy.. ^^

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

|| .:: Happy Birthday!? ::. ||

2013 June 19,

Thank you mom & dad for bring my into this wonderful world... ^^
Thank you popo for taking care of me all this while... ^^
Thank you for teaching and guiding me through out the years.. ^^
Thank you for supporting me whenever I needed the support.. ^^

I do miss you guys.. ^^

Happy Birthday to me... ^^

And... the Birthday present this year is... ^^

haha..there's a even smile on my BlinkFeed.. haha.. ^^

Saturday, June 15, 2013

|| .:: IDK ::. ||

Many things had happen in just this week..
I really don't know and don't wanna know..
Can I just escape?
No.. how I wish I could..

Fighting for a weekend that's all mine isn't that selfish right?
Here I'm at Kad Suan Kiew..
planning to just walk around for window shopping..
Guess what, there's a little boy playing piano at the food court..
I'm amazed with this young fella..
Though songs that he plays isn't great..
But enjoyable..
And reminds me of the examination time..haha..

Oops! I just realized.. he is playing for money.. =(

Life, what is life?
Everyone is writing their own story book everyday..
Some wrote it easily..
Some have many adventures..

What's yours today?
I hope the superman will cheer u up..^^

Sunday, June 2, 2013

|| .:: Natural vs artificial ::. ||

Being naturally accepted by public..
as of what I've seen, it's mostly gifted by nature

someone who looks handsome/pretty, they are born as such..
gifted from their parents...
without doing any other things, they are so perfect to the public..

In contrast, if you are not naturally gifted,
then you have to be more hardworking to catch up and maybe,
have a chance, by standing out among your competitors..

Or perhaps, some artificial work need to be done before out-standing yourself..

And, information from my eyes, there are many out there is still wondering..

because they are still loss and doesn't know where should they head to..
Artificial works is a no no to some of the group;
hence, working hard is the only option, but then,
is it worth for one to work so hard just to be so outstanding than others?

The Answer : Everyone have they own answer in their heart. Just be who we are and enjoy the life we have. Competing with others doesn't have an end with this story.

Life is meant to be enjoy! Cheer up guys!

Friday, May 17, 2013

|| .:: 80s, prepared for your 30s? ::. ||

There's an article which I was very afraid to read of in Facebook (which is in chinese) and today, I've finally take up my courage to read it. Well, the title of the article was "To the 80s, are you ready for 30s?".

Honestly, I was scare to read about it because I knew what is it talking about before even I read about it. Why? The reason is simple, I Do Not Want To Face The Facts!!! As my tagline goes, "I'm still a little kid". I would like to be in my dream world. Looking/doing stuff like the kids will do. Though it may sounds stupid, but yeah, I enjoyed it. Having some cool dessert, some adventure alone, exploring the neighborhood alone, being a little unique on your phone/car/bike isn't just a privilege for kids/teens! Though the number 3 maybe come soon, but there's a little boy/girl exist in our heart. We are who we are and just be yourself!

One is never too old to do anything. There's no limit on what you can/can't do in the world. Go with your heart, flow with your heart, and enjoy every moment that will soon be the memories of you. No matter it's high or low, up or down, left or right, it's our own memories and some of the memories  will keep us moving and reminds us how wonderful things can be.

I've quote the last sentence of the article which says “今天,之所以区别于昨天,恰恰是因为昨天的感受依然在我心中。”, which means, "Today is different that yesterday because yesterday's memories are still running clearly in my heart." Not to deny that I do remember how crazy I was, how adventurous I was, how naive I was, how stupid I was, how poor I was, how hardworking I was, how I was being pampered by my grandma, how good it was during holidays time...etc.. The list can go on and on and on...

Well, as of today, I really felt.. I am old.. After looking back, wow! I've already walked that far. How can I not to admit that I'm old? Deep down, it's hurting as I have to force myself to accept the fact that "I'm old" but still, "I'm still a little boy". =)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I am proud to be a Malaysian.. Malaysia I love you!!!

Today, last day of April and we are stepping into May in just a few hours!!!
Excited yet worry.. why?
Hopefully the "Chlorine" from the "100 Plus" Logo is strong enough to "clean" away the "stain" on my beloved land..

I'm proud to be a Malaysian even though there are many "News" around the world talking bad about how much the "Stain" in the "management", but nevertheless, Malaysia is my HOME. I Love my hometown PJ, Selangor & I Love You, Malaysia.

(Photo Taken back in 2010, Rooftop of Millennium Square..^^ My beloved hometown, PJ, Selangor.)

Being in Thailand for over a year now, speaking Thai to the local is a usual stuff to do here..
I'm frequently being ask where am I from!
Well, obvious answer of cause, I'm from Malaysia. And guess what, they will normally praise Malaysian for our multilingual society that build us to have strong ability to learn other languages fast!
This is what usually happen when I meet local Thai & started speaking Thai Language with them:

(Translated into English, originating from a Thai Conversation)
Local : Are you Japanese?
ME    : Nope!
Local : Oh sorry, you must Thai because you speak Thai Language. (And I guess I do looks a little like Thai..hehe..)
ME    : Nope! I'm not Thai.
Local : Oh, are you Chinese then?
ME    : Nope!
Local : Huh!? Then where are you from???
ME    : I'm Malaysian.. ^^

 I'm not Chinese but I'm Malaysian. Why are we splitting ourselves among ourselves???
 We are all one big family, and YES! WE ARE ALL MALAYSIAN!!!!

I miss and love my home, Malaysia. I do really hope that with the Unity of the Rakyat, we are able to have a better future on our motherland. I Love You Malaysia. =)

(Photo Taken back in 2008, Rooftop of Citibank Tower..^^ Heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

|| .:: The Hidden Gems ::. ||

The Hidden Gems..
Below is the compilation of Clouds.. hehe...

1.) Sea of Clouds

@ Phu Chee Fa, Thailand

2.) River of Clouds

@ Doi Ang Khang, Thailand

3.) Pond of Clouds
@ Doi Pui, Thailand

4.) Atomic Bomb of Clouds
@ Phu Chee Fa, Thailand

Thailand is full of things that are not known to us.
I believe that many places are also having the hidden gems.
Let's discover it before we can't move.. Travel Rocks!!!
ps: somebody say I don't have Ocean of Clouds.. Yeah! I admit.. that will be taken on the Plane.. hehe.. updating soon~

Sunday, February 24, 2013

|| .:: Chinese Valentine's Day ::. ||

Last day of Chinese New Year celebration..
also the Chinese Valentine's Day..
had a wonderful day... a relaxing day.. an adventure day..
and YES, accompany by myself.. ^^

Sounds a little silly.. but that's the truth..
Rewarded myself with  quite a heavy dinner at a Taiwanese Restaurant..

and while walking towards the restaurant,
I so happen to see a Sunshine House.. hahahaha..
which reminds me that I'm not alone..^^

Looking back at the pass CNY,
yes... I do have lots of Ang Pau.. ^^
and haha...
I haven't had the guts to buy the shirt I plan to...
though I only tried it in the fitting room.. hahahhaa...
Happy Last Day of Chinese New Year!!! ^^

Saturday, January 26, 2013

|| .:: Are you ready!?!?!? ::. ||

Are you ready for CNY???
Are you excited about CNY???
What is CNY all about???

To me, CNY is like most of the festival we celebrate..
Most of the important festival we celebrate is with the dearest person around us.. Family..partners..bf/gf..close friends... etc..
It's all about a gathering of whom we loved..we care..

I remember when I was young, CNY was the time where I can drink soft drink, eat whatever I like and get ang pau (a.k.a $$ MONEY $$).. Hahaha...
and as we grow older.. Ang pau also is kind of important.. haha.. ($.$)
but spending time with a big family that's really priceless..
As we grow older, eating and drinking needed to be taken care of..
cookies & mandarin oranges has reduce quite a lot for my consumption..

Now, about the new clothing,
hmm.. I'm thinking to get something classics..haha..
like below:
Chinese Costume


Lastly, I just waiting to get as many ang pau as the below picture.. hahahahaha... "$.$"
Mickey Ang Pao