Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I am proud to be a Malaysian.. Malaysia I love you!!!

Today, last day of April and we are stepping into May in just a few hours!!!
Excited yet worry.. why?
Hopefully the "Chlorine" from the "100 Plus" Logo is strong enough to "clean" away the "stain" on my beloved land..

I'm proud to be a Malaysian even though there are many "News" around the world talking bad about how much the "Stain" in the "management", but nevertheless, Malaysia is my HOME. I Love my hometown PJ, Selangor & I Love You, Malaysia.

(Photo Taken back in 2010, Rooftop of Millennium Square..^^ My beloved hometown, PJ, Selangor.)

Being in Thailand for over a year now, speaking Thai to the local is a usual stuff to do here..
I'm frequently being ask where am I from!
Well, obvious answer of cause, I'm from Malaysia. And guess what, they will normally praise Malaysian for our multilingual society that build us to have strong ability to learn other languages fast!
This is what usually happen when I meet local Thai & started speaking Thai Language with them:

(Translated into English, originating from a Thai Conversation)
Local : Are you Japanese?
ME    : Nope!
Local : Oh sorry, you must Thai because you speak Thai Language. (And I guess I do looks a little like Thai..hehe..)
ME    : Nope! I'm not Thai.
Local : Oh, are you Chinese then?
ME    : Nope!
Local : Huh!? Then where are you from???
ME    : I'm Malaysian.. ^^

 I'm not Chinese but I'm Malaysian. Why are we splitting ourselves among ourselves???
 We are all one big family, and YES! WE ARE ALL MALAYSIAN!!!!

I miss and love my home, Malaysia. I do really hope that with the Unity of the Rakyat, we are able to have a better future on our motherland. I Love You Malaysia. =)

(Photo Taken back in 2008, Rooftop of Citibank Tower..^^ Heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.)

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  1. Wah..all your pictures from tall buildings. =) With young malaysian like you leading the country. .old people like me can smiling knowing that our beloved country is in good hands.