Sunday, November 25, 2012

|| .:: Happy Anniversary ::. ||

Exactly a year ago, this date mark the time I left Malaysia for long..
And, in this year.. many of the changes has been brought..
Or, should I said, Environment does change a boy..

Looking back...
I was in Lyon, France, 2nd Largest City in France.. Left my foot print there for about 3 months..
Lyon's Famous Wall Painting..

In fact, it is so real that even looking with your bare eyes you are as if looking a real scene!!!

The Festival of Lights (French: Fête des lumières) in Lyon!!!  Nice Lighting Show!!

Chirstmas 2011.. I was in Paris..

 Lonely Christmas.. =)

Traveling on the weekends are the usual routine..

Gallo-Fomain Fourviere - was my favourite place of visit so far..
Like back in time.. lolz..

okok.. now, to be honest, the reason why I like it so much is because..
1.) The building structure of the ancient building like this is an art work
2.) The material they use is just so accurate and nice
3.) The precision of all the raw material putting together and make it stood firm is really amazing
4.) The culture of togetherness was seen and felt

Finally, Lyon is snowing.. ^^
My first snow touching... ^^

Then, when the temperature drop down to -7 degree celcius..
I was still going out "to the future".. lolz..
The futuristic design of the building of artist.. the DSLR Apartment..

Next, was the very last visit to the miniature museum..
Indeed, an eye opening experience..

After finishing the task in Lyon, I went on to Holland (Netherland) for a short trip with a good friend at work
Thank you WeiLoon for making time for this trip..^^
PS: Thank you for taking this picture.. A gift for a special person.. ^^

Say Cheese!!!

Ok, when we talk about Holland, here goes the Windmills..

 lol.. Thank you WeiLoon to be the actor.. haha..

Ending the Amsterdam Trip with a Heneiken Factory visit.. and...
I got the certificate as a draughter.. Hurray!!!

After back from France... Bangkok Thailand is the next destination..

First off, The Bangkok Car Motorshow must not be missed!!!
Especially at that time, the debut of the long-waited Toyota GT86!!!!

Pattaya, Thailand..

Songkran Festival!!! Let's shoot water!!! Hoohooo~!

yeah~ people are crazy on the roads.. and everywhere.. @@

the photographer said that there's a nice muscle due to angle.. You see it? XD

Madame Tussaud in Bangkok.. hmm.. just so so..
PS: Thank you for accompanying me... Appreciated so so much!! ^^

The photo I like the most during the visit to Madam Tussaud.. hehe..

Chao Phraya River at "some" temple.. lolz.. Forgotten the names..
Thank you Hoknotyalc for your tips to shoot this.. hehe..

Along the Chao Phraya River, there are many many locals activity that you can't be missed!

Next is the famous Railway Market!!!

Behold!!!! The Railway Market video!!!
Dangerous yet exciting!!! ^^

China Town in Bangkok..

Gives me the "hommy" feelings.. =)

Thank you again hoknotyalc for making your way for a visit again.. ^^

Ancient Siam.. an outdoor museum with a bike!!!


The place where all the Temples are build for visit..

Family Trip @ Bangkok, Thailand..

All Blue... ^^

Floating Market with family.. Happy Happy!!!
Honestly, this is the most meaningful trip ever... ='D

Next up.. I'm in Chiangmai, Thailand...

Chiangmai Park..

Thank you Khoo for your time to be mad with me.. hahaha..
It's bad on pocket when the 2 madness guys are meet.. lolz..

Chiangrai, Thailand..

The famous white temple.. on a day tour with khoo & "fa rang" krub..

Doi Ang Khang, Northest of Thailand

Beautiful Landscape & plantation... you see clouds??? hehe..

Never expect to be so cold up on the hill!!!

Yes, the scarf is brand new.. bought it due to too cold.. hahaha..
It was 6 in the morning!!! Too bad, no sun is out..

Well, there goes... the whole one year I was away from home..
and writing another long & adventurous story in my book of life..

Let's hope tomorrow is not the end of the world...
so that, another adventurous year is waiting for me to write it in a much beautiful way..

PS: This is actually posted on 20/12/2012.. Back date this post because I was too busy selecting photos & uploading it.. hahahaha...