Wednesday, October 23, 2013

|| .:: Path ::. ||

Choosing the correct path does it equal to better life?
Well, my answer is Yes and No.. (typical Gemini.. lolz..)

Yes because... Do the things you should do..
No because... you should once a while to be wild and adventurous..

Well, it's like something you should do and something you have to do.. 
To balance this out.. I would say...

What's life? What's your goal?
Life is meant to be happy... that's my motto.. 
Goal is something that set by you to achieve and that makes you happy

Do we needed to blame daily that I don't have this and that?
Answer is NO! What's the use of owning something that doesn't makes you happy?

Life is short.. 
Appreciates your family and those love you..
Appreciates those who helped you and
continue to bless the people around you with all your hearts..
and most importantly, be happy...

Looking back at those photos.. 
and some crazy things that we have done..

it's indeed a blessing...
Thank you guys for making all this valueable memories.. =)
[photo taken in Fang District, Chiangmai, Thailand by KaiMun]