Thursday, March 22, 2012

|| .:: Think! Think!! Think!!! ::. ||

Think Think Think and Think...
A part from solve the technical problems,
you need to prepare to solve the management problems..
It's like back to my olden days..
every time, my brain is working at it's maximum speed..
to be able to think ahead of others..
I don't like this kind of environment..
It's unhealthy for me and for the people around me..
that's why I never want to go to sales team..
I may be able to bullshit quite well, but
I really don't wish to play the "management" games..
I'm tired.. I switch to technical because I was trying to hide from this cruel game..
but now, I'm involve with this game again..
this time, it's double attack..
Technical + Management Game..
This isn't fun at all..
I'll be much older.. physically, mentally and emotionally..
Question.. Why me..
Can I just quit the management games just focus on technical part alone?
I'm not that strong as your eyes tells you so..
I'm just like a glass..
from far, you thought that I am as cold and as hard the glass..
but what I really am.. you have an answer in your heart..
This blog, is going to be a sad & unhappy posting again..
I once promise myself not to post anything sad here..
but seems like I have broken my promise..
Well, at least it's a place for me to release some of my struggles..
where it's impossible for me to say it out..
Let's find some nice picture to post here to cheer the blog up~!
PS: as well as me.. ^^
I want to be the special one, Can I?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

|| .:: Who what where am I now ::. ||

Last post was "Time, Flies"..
I've back for only 3 weeks and another journey begin..
3 weeks I have not been back to my blog..
reason being I was busy all the time..
I didn't even get a proper rest at home to be honest..
Life, what is life..
Being in a situation where you just listen to others,
without taking charge of it and it is life?
Or paying you more and expect you do even more than what is being paid?
All these, is it worth your price of life??
Is it worth my price of life?
I can only be 26 and 9 months 2 days for once!!!
is that really worth my time by paying me that amount?
Life, is it just about learning and achieving at a higher level every year?
I'm a little tired of doing so already..
Been in the working for the 6 years this year,
I'm starting to get bored of achieving this and that..
What am I achieve it for?
Do I need to prove to someone else that I'm capable?
Do I really need?
I'm tired and sick of that already..
As for the time being,
whatever works comes to me, I'll just do my part..
and understand life more.. by enjoying it with the important people by your side..
That is priceless..