Saturday, December 29, 2012

|| .:: I need a rest, am I old already? ::. ||

As this will be the last post for the month & year..
 I didn't expect to have written this..
 "I need a rest"

 End of the world not happening and thus, it's a new beginning.. 
I was planning to go here and there.. but..
 I'm finally tired.. physically and mentally..
 Am I getting old??
I use to think that, "I need a rest" this term is use by those seniors~!
but now.. I'm using it..

Oh well, ok.. I admit.. I am old..
 so do my phone.. haha.. from Antutu benchmark,
it only score 2.5/5 stars even after I've overclocked it with Jelly Bean 4.2.1

Was planning to get a new device during this new year but..
it's kind of a waste cos this HTC Desire HD is still performing quite good.. (at least to me)
So, i decided to give a new soul to it..
Gingerbread 2.3.5 ---> Jelly Bean 4.2.1
1.0GHz ---> 1.2GHz (tested it can go to max to 1.35GHz.. hehe)

Staying at hotel, relaxing doing all this kind of stupid stuff is indeed a joy..
and I truely enjoy it especially it when the suspend of wiping out the old android..
I was so worried that I'll mess up the process.. phew~! I guess I was lucky.. ^^

Sunday, November 25, 2012

|| .:: Happy Anniversary ::. ||

Exactly a year ago, this date mark the time I left Malaysia for long..
And, in this year.. many of the changes has been brought..
Or, should I said, Environment does change a boy..

Looking back...
I was in Lyon, France, 2nd Largest City in France.. Left my foot print there for about 3 months..
Lyon's Famous Wall Painting..

In fact, it is so real that even looking with your bare eyes you are as if looking a real scene!!!

The Festival of Lights (French: Fête des lumières) in Lyon!!!  Nice Lighting Show!!

Chirstmas 2011.. I was in Paris..

 Lonely Christmas.. =)

Traveling on the weekends are the usual routine..

Gallo-Fomain Fourviere - was my favourite place of visit so far..
Like back in time.. lolz..

okok.. now, to be honest, the reason why I like it so much is because..
1.) The building structure of the ancient building like this is an art work
2.) The material they use is just so accurate and nice
3.) The precision of all the raw material putting together and make it stood firm is really amazing
4.) The culture of togetherness was seen and felt

Finally, Lyon is snowing.. ^^
My first snow touching... ^^

Then, when the temperature drop down to -7 degree celcius..
I was still going out "to the future".. lolz..
The futuristic design of the building of artist.. the DSLR Apartment..

Next, was the very last visit to the miniature museum..
Indeed, an eye opening experience..

After finishing the task in Lyon, I went on to Holland (Netherland) for a short trip with a good friend at work
Thank you WeiLoon for making time for this trip..^^
PS: Thank you for taking this picture.. A gift for a special person.. ^^

Say Cheese!!!

Ok, when we talk about Holland, here goes the Windmills..

 lol.. Thank you WeiLoon to be the actor.. haha..

Ending the Amsterdam Trip with a Heneiken Factory visit.. and...
I got the certificate as a draughter.. Hurray!!!

After back from France... Bangkok Thailand is the next destination..

First off, The Bangkok Car Motorshow must not be missed!!!
Especially at that time, the debut of the long-waited Toyota GT86!!!!

Pattaya, Thailand..

Songkran Festival!!! Let's shoot water!!! Hoohooo~!

yeah~ people are crazy on the roads.. and everywhere.. @@

the photographer said that there's a nice muscle due to angle.. You see it? XD

Madame Tussaud in Bangkok.. hmm.. just so so..
PS: Thank you for accompanying me... Appreciated so so much!! ^^

The photo I like the most during the visit to Madam Tussaud.. hehe..

Chao Phraya River at "some" temple.. lolz.. Forgotten the names..
Thank you Hoknotyalc for your tips to shoot this.. hehe..

Along the Chao Phraya River, there are many many locals activity that you can't be missed!

Next is the famous Railway Market!!!

Behold!!!! The Railway Market video!!!
Dangerous yet exciting!!! ^^

China Town in Bangkok..

Gives me the "hommy" feelings.. =)

Thank you again hoknotyalc for making your way for a visit again.. ^^

Ancient Siam.. an outdoor museum with a bike!!!


The place where all the Temples are build for visit..

Family Trip @ Bangkok, Thailand..

All Blue... ^^

Floating Market with family.. Happy Happy!!!
Honestly, this is the most meaningful trip ever... ='D

Next up.. I'm in Chiangmai, Thailand...

Chiangmai Park..

Thank you Khoo for your time to be mad with me.. hahaha..
It's bad on pocket when the 2 madness guys are meet.. lolz..

Chiangrai, Thailand..

The famous white temple.. on a day tour with khoo & "fa rang" krub..

Doi Ang Khang, Northest of Thailand

Beautiful Landscape & plantation... you see clouds??? hehe..

Never expect to be so cold up on the hill!!!

Yes, the scarf is brand new.. bought it due to too cold.. hahaha..
It was 6 in the morning!!! Too bad, no sun is out..

Well, there goes... the whole one year I was away from home..
and writing another long & adventurous story in my book of life..

Let's hope tomorrow is not the end of the world...
so that, another adventurous year is waiting for me to write it in a much beautiful way..

PS: This is actually posted on 20/12/2012.. Back date this post because I was too busy selecting photos & uploading it.. hahahaha...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

|| .:: Dream is meant to be a dream ::. ||

First time ever in foreign country, seen a piano performance..
You asked me how was it.. and.. as usual, I answered so so because the performance is just too short..
One surprise before the performance was the entrance ticket.. It's just a card!!!

In conjunction with the celebration of the Queen's 80th Birthday, each month they have prepared some performance in the Thailand Culture Center..
I'm lucky to meet the piano performance this month..
with the theme name "Greatest Artists of the World 2012"

and the title for today's performance, "Ji-Yong Piano"

Ji-yong (Korean), the youngest pianist ever to win the New York Philharmonic Young Artists Competition at the age of 10 in 2001..
From his posters, I thought he would be someone gentle..

hahaha.. what a surprise.. a casual-formal kind of dressing on stage..
in front of the Grand Piano..
i was feeling a little inappropriate..
well, guess that the audience eyes are different right now..

Seeing him walking out to the piano with the clapping hands as the accompaniment..
Bowing down to the audience.. charming smile..
I'm kind of envy/jealous.. hahaha.. he has done it! =)

With confidence, songs after songs.. without feeling tired of his fingers..
he has continuously played for at least 20mins..
Impressively with the change of tone to the period of the pieces..
he has just done it his way with so much colours painted on it..

While enjoying the performance, I'm wondering..
IF.. IF... I've chosen another road.. will I be like him now?
Realizing dreams is really that fun/satisfying?
Questions questions and questions..
I know I don't have an answer for that..
because if I travel back in time, I'll still remain the same..

Logical sense.. Reality vs Dreams,
how can we balance things out?
who will support and agree with me to take a music degree? *sigh*

Dream is meant to be a dream..
See it but yet, it's like so far that you can't even reach it..

OK! It's bedtime now and the right time to dream.. ^^

Sunday, September 2, 2012

|| .:: 1st post in september ::. ||

Arghh!!! I thought I can create 2 blog post per month!!
Seems like my plan is ruined.. =(
Today it's already the 2nd of September!!! >.<

Well, in the first day of September, I've did something very crazy..
Which I have only dream about it before but never really try it..
Plus, it is the new Nissan Slyphy!!!
Oh gosh! That's like a dream come true to me..
The most happiest things in ever happen to me in Tom Yam Land..

Second, I get to enjoy myself with my Boleh Land people..
Which is kind of great!!!
Chit chat whatever things and the channel is so sync!!
There's no need to compare them with the "Tanah Besar" people..
Because, our culture is so much different..
Happy to know I can stay till 1am to post this.. Haha..
I hope September bring many happiness to everyone..
Well at least is a good start..^^ 
Good night world~~

You Are The Happiness & Appreciates Everything That You Have

Monday, August 13, 2012

|| .:: Never know.. ::. ||

I never know you will still keep looking at this blog all the time..
even though I've told you I will not update it that frequent..
but yet, you keep looking at this page almost everyday..
(PS: do remember there's a traffic source to trace back.. ^^)

I wonder, is it I am taking too much..
Should I consider the feeling of others more than the feeling of myself?
I figured out.. based on my experiences.. =)
Yes, I am selfish.. I have to be..
I want to have a life of what I want..
Not what I should be..
By doing what I want, no matter is good or bad,
I'm the one who responsible for it..
and I've no one to blame..
Hope you understand..

I never know I'm that selfish.. and..
I never know you are that _______ <-- You fill up yourself.. ^^
Thank you thank you & thank you...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

|| .:: [_ i g h t] ::. ||

"A complex feeling running through my head last night,
I wonder is it because of the fight.
Trying to be the bitchy knight,
Victory calls but losses all because of my thinking is too light."

is it a nice compose?
Perhaps, I may be seen as a happy person..
but deep inside, those moody/sad feelings suits me more..
All the songs I play is sad/moody..
all the photos I took, it's mostly in sad theme..
mostly in sunset.. autumn feel.. why?
That's what I feel and satisfy of taking those photos..

Gemini, seems like 2 personality into one body.. lolz..

Saturday, July 7, 2012

|| .:: 钢琴之森 ::. ||



本来我的答案是“不要”, 可是因为婆婆可能太了解我了,一直叫我先试一试。。




但改车的日子依然存在啦~ ^^


Monday, June 4, 2012

|| .:: Fall in Love ::. ||

Fall in Love with his songs..
These are all the classics of classics..
though I ain't his fans.. but his voice and music.. flows tonight..
enjoy.. ~








|| .:: coincident with the similar faces ::. ||

At the present moment, most of us still a little sceptical about the Chinese Product..
by means, when you mention Chinese Product, the first image that comes to your mind is..
Well, you are not wrong by saying that as the impression pass few years..
it's really like that..

Now, even iPad is produce in China and everyone is getting one..
does that mean they are improving themselves?
My answer is YES! Chinese, the smartest brain in doing business..
they know what's the market needs and it's able to cope up very quickly..

My interest on cars has never reduces since young..
I need to ride on my parent's Corolla 85 (sadly not the 86 ={ ) to sleep when I was just few months old!!! >.<"
at that time, people were all talking bad about Japanese car..
"cheaply build without safety standard and the car some even say is made out of a "milo tin" sort of wording can be heard everywhere..
but hey, look at what happen now.. most the Japanese firms is dominating north-America & Europe! Even the recent risen Korean, Hyundai, is getting more and more praises from around the world..
 Will the Chinese Car dominate the world in the near future? We shall see..

Look at what they have done recently.. mentioned that 2 Chinese cars are going to introduce in Malaysia soon..
Speaking of the design, these 2 cars immediately reminds me of a Japanese car & a Korean car..
 Chery A3 = Hyundai i30 (2009)

& Changan Alsvin Yuexiang = Mazda 3 (2005 front) + Mazda 6 (2008 rear)

I would say about 80% of the buyers will look at the design and the price..
before really considering the specs and the durability..
Are you one of them? Happy Monday~!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

|| .:: Miss Ing ::. ||

I meet Miss Ing again today..
It has been a long time that I did not see Miss Ing..
somehow, today I meet her again..
just dun like meeting Miss Ing..
she always bring terrible feeling to me..

Summer on the outside, winter on the inside..
How I wish my world are always in spring..
everything.. everything.. is just the beginning..
everything is findings it's way to welcome the happy summer..
some would say going through autumn is the most difficult time..
but to me, autumn is where you can truly find you deepest sadness and express out..
through a photo or a pieces sing out by your fingers..
it just a time to examine ourself.. let go of the deepest sadness and make way for another coming spring..
I can have a "summer look & act", but nevertheless, after meeting Miss Ing,
I'm fast forwarding myself into autumn..again..
accompanying me is some old+sad love songs..
just when I about to finished this,someone just called and shhhoo Miss Ing away~!!!
hahaha.. Miss Ing, good bye!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

|| .:: expect the unexpected ::. ||

I just want to be a kid, where nothing is going to make you sad for a long time..
Kid, forget things in just minutes and..
picking up the happy things the next seconds..
There's a saying that "The older the wiser"..
is that true?
Sometimes I am wondering..
The older we are, the more problems follow us..
Are we wise enough to get rid of the problems?
Why are those problem is solved and yet the same problem can be happening to you again?
Is it that we never learn?
or we just let it happen again?
I do think that the kids are the smartest..
this is because they know and understand how can they truly enjoy life..
without considering many things..
sometimes I wonder, can I do the same thing?
Answer is NO..
the brain has programmed to check the checklist before making any decision..
I wanted to do a lot of things.. but after filtering the checklist..
the only things that I can do is..
You Saw it and Read it here..
Good Night! No dreams and sleep well..
I do hope you are well again as you.. TW

Saturday, April 28, 2012

|| .:: missing ::. ||

The feeling of missing is coming back to find me..
Missing, isn't a good friend..
I feel so home everyday I go back..
and.. the next time I know, I'll be talking to Air, wall.. etc.. again~ =(
Missing, the time I can have fun..
and.. Thank you..
Thank you for everything.. =')
Without more words I can describe..