Saturday, July 21, 2012

|| .:: [_ i g h t] ::. ||

"A complex feeling running through my head last night,
I wonder is it because of the fight.
Trying to be the bitchy knight,
Victory calls but losses all because of my thinking is too light."

is it a nice compose?
Perhaps, I may be seen as a happy person..
but deep inside, those moody/sad feelings suits me more..
All the songs I play is sad/moody..
all the photos I took, it's mostly in sad theme..
mostly in sunset.. autumn feel.. why?
That's what I feel and satisfy of taking those photos..

Gemini, seems like 2 personality into one body.. lolz..

1 comment:

  1. To read this post makes me sad knowing that someone as awesome as u prefer to feel this way. I strongly believe that everyone, no matter what star sign they are, deserve a ray of sunshine in their lifes as you are to many of your friends and family. The choice of how you live your life and how you choose to feel is of cause yours to choose since its your life but i know that those who loves you only wants whats best for you and they not know want to see you happy but they also want to know that you truely happy. So, take a deep breath and cheer up. Remember...a light cant shine the brightess unless its dark. So let that sunshine in you shine within your heart cause you have shined for others and its now time for u to shine for yourself. Hugs.