Saturday, August 31, 2013

|| .:: Backpacking is fun!!! ::. ||

First time ever writing here during my traveling time..
I'm now at Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand..
A very peaceful and romantic place to be in..^^
Well, although I'm the only person here,
Looking around seeing tourists, couple..
and others are doing is another joy..

"China tourist being so loud to disturb the peaceful scene"
"Local couple sharing a piece of cake.. So sweet"
"Two good buddy having coffee and chit chatting"
"Farang/white tourist snapping photos here and there.."

Hahaha.. This is just truly enjoying life..

Drifting through the hilly hairpins are really a great enjoyment..
Yup! I remember all of you that are worrying about me..
But nevertheless, I know my limits as well as the car..^^
Therefore, I'll still be back in one piece..^^

Lastly, time for me to head to Mae Hong Son Town!!!
See you bloggy for now!!!

Yeah!!! Photos finally uploaded...!!!

1st Stop @ Coffee in Love, Pai, Maehongson

On my way to Maehongson Town, I killed a yellow butterfly... =(

Maehongson Town Market...

my favourite.. Mushroomsssssss

this flower looks so much like the Crafted Soap.. or should I say, Thai People handy craft are so close to the real thing...

Every good, has their bad;
therefore, every decision should made with no regrets..
as things are always 2 sided..

feel so much like our Malay Kampung... =)

hehehehehe... Certificate of conquering 1864 curves and hairpins... ^^

"Man in Black!!!" "Darlie" .... whatever~~ enjoying to the max!!!

I've painted another Paddy Field Painting...

Forest Painting next :