Monday, June 4, 2012

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At the present moment, most of us still a little sceptical about the Chinese Product..
by means, when you mention Chinese Product, the first image that comes to your mind is..
Well, you are not wrong by saying that as the impression pass few years..
it's really like that..

Now, even iPad is produce in China and everyone is getting one..
does that mean they are improving themselves?
My answer is YES! Chinese, the smartest brain in doing business..
they know what's the market needs and it's able to cope up very quickly..

My interest on cars has never reduces since young..
I need to ride on my parent's Corolla 85 (sadly not the 86 ={ ) to sleep when I was just few months old!!! >.<"
at that time, people were all talking bad about Japanese car..
"cheaply build without safety standard and the car some even say is made out of a "milo tin" sort of wording can be heard everywhere..
but hey, look at what happen now.. most the Japanese firms is dominating north-America & Europe! Even the recent risen Korean, Hyundai, is getting more and more praises from around the world..
 Will the Chinese Car dominate the world in the near future? We shall see..

Look at what they have done recently.. mentioned that 2 Chinese cars are going to introduce in Malaysia soon..
Speaking of the design, these 2 cars immediately reminds me of a Japanese car & a Korean car..
 Chery A3 = Hyundai i30 (2009)

& Changan Alsvin Yuexiang = Mazda 3 (2005 front) + Mazda 6 (2008 rear)

I would say about 80% of the buyers will look at the design and the price..
before really considering the specs and the durability..
Are you one of them? Happy Monday~!

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