Sunday, October 21, 2012

|| .:: Dream is meant to be a dream ::. ||

First time ever in foreign country, seen a piano performance..
You asked me how was it.. and.. as usual, I answered so so because the performance is just too short..
One surprise before the performance was the entrance ticket.. It's just a card!!!

In conjunction with the celebration of the Queen's 80th Birthday, each month they have prepared some performance in the Thailand Culture Center..
I'm lucky to meet the piano performance this month..
with the theme name "Greatest Artists of the World 2012"

and the title for today's performance, "Ji-Yong Piano"

Ji-yong (Korean), the youngest pianist ever to win the New York Philharmonic Young Artists Competition at the age of 10 in 2001..
From his posters, I thought he would be someone gentle..

hahaha.. what a surprise.. a casual-formal kind of dressing on stage..
in front of the Grand Piano..
i was feeling a little inappropriate..
well, guess that the audience eyes are different right now..

Seeing him walking out to the piano with the clapping hands as the accompaniment..
Bowing down to the audience.. charming smile..
I'm kind of envy/jealous.. hahaha.. he has done it! =)

With confidence, songs after songs.. without feeling tired of his fingers..
he has continuously played for at least 20mins..
Impressively with the change of tone to the period of the pieces..
he has just done it his way with so much colours painted on it..

While enjoying the performance, I'm wondering..
IF.. IF... I've chosen another road.. will I be like him now?
Realizing dreams is really that fun/satisfying?
Questions questions and questions..
I know I don't have an answer for that..
because if I travel back in time, I'll still remain the same..

Logical sense.. Reality vs Dreams,
how can we balance things out?
who will support and agree with me to take a music degree? *sigh*

Dream is meant to be a dream..
See it but yet, it's like so far that you can't even reach it..

OK! It's bedtime now and the right time to dream.. ^^

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