Saturday, April 28, 2012

|| .:: missing ::. ||

The feeling of missing is coming back to find me..
Missing, isn't a good friend..
I feel so home everyday I go back..
and.. the next time I know, I'll be talking to Air, wall.. etc.. again~ =(
Missing, the time I can have fun..
and.. Thank you..
Thank you for everything.. =')
Without more words I can describe..

1 comment:

  1. Missing sometimes can be a sad feeling but it can also be part of love because without missing someone, how would you know how much this other person means to you. I am sure that this person who has made you feel at home wishes that making you feel at home was an everyday event. I am in a long distant relationship myself and I know the feeling of having someone I love not being a part of my daily life, but i also know the feeling of loving that person and believing that with time, distant and the feeling of missing that someone helps strengthen the relationship in some special way thus making each person in the relationship appreciate the simpler things in life like a hug, a smile, a touch or even just looking at each other knowing that they love each other without even saying a single word. :)