Wednesday, April 11, 2012

|| .:: If tomorrow never comes.. ::. ||

Today, I was happily packing my bag and go home
because there's warning out to ask us not to stay in tall building..
I was excited and feel fun as I was never had experience that..

At my way to the escalator,
I started to feel nervous..
What if.. this... that... happen..
then, what am I suppose to do?!
I admit, I'm childish..
giving out warning suppose to be scare and rush home as fast as you can..
but, I was happy about it..
what if, the building really collapse?
what if I didn't make it and I can see my family and loves one again?
Lum Kai Mun, Lifes Are in Danger!!!!
There are so many peoples in Indonesia are finding a safer place to house their family!!!
and yet, I am so happy about being back home early..

To some of them in Indonesia, maybe their's tomorrow never comes..
What can you and me do!?
Apart from praying for them, we have just got to learn the lesson..
Guys and Girls, life really doesn't last for the duration you might think..
People can just come, and people can just go..
Appreciates the time you have with your loves one..

If I ever...sleep for long, I would like to sleep beside my grandma forever..

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