Saturday, June 15, 2013

|| .:: IDK ::. ||

Many things had happen in just this week..
I really don't know and don't wanna know..
Can I just escape?
No.. how I wish I could..

Fighting for a weekend that's all mine isn't that selfish right?
Here I'm at Kad Suan Kiew..
planning to just walk around for window shopping..
Guess what, there's a little boy playing piano at the food court..
I'm amazed with this young fella..
Though songs that he plays isn't great..
But enjoyable..
And reminds me of the examination time..haha..

Oops! I just realized.. he is playing for money.. =(

Life, what is life?
Everyone is writing their own story book everyday..
Some wrote it easily..
Some have many adventures..

What's yours today?
I hope the superman will cheer u up..^^

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