Sunday, June 2, 2013

|| .:: Natural vs artificial ::. ||

Being naturally accepted by public..
as of what I've seen, it's mostly gifted by nature

someone who looks handsome/pretty, they are born as such..
gifted from their parents...
without doing any other things, they are so perfect to the public..

In contrast, if you are not naturally gifted,
then you have to be more hardworking to catch up and maybe,
have a chance, by standing out among your competitors..

Or perhaps, some artificial work need to be done before out-standing yourself..

And, information from my eyes, there are many out there is still wondering..

because they are still loss and doesn't know where should they head to..
Artificial works is a no no to some of the group;
hence, working hard is the only option, but then,
is it worth for one to work so hard just to be so outstanding than others?

The Answer : Everyone have they own answer in their heart. Just be who we are and enjoy the life we have. Competing with others doesn't have an end with this story.

Life is meant to be enjoy! Cheer up guys!

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