Saturday, January 26, 2013

|| .:: Are you ready!?!?!? ::. ||

Are you ready for CNY???
Are you excited about CNY???
What is CNY all about???

To me, CNY is like most of the festival we celebrate..
Most of the important festival we celebrate is with the dearest person around us.. friends... etc..
It's all about a gathering of whom we loved..we care..

I remember when I was young, CNY was the time where I can drink soft drink, eat whatever I like and get ang pau (a.k.a $$ MONEY $$).. Hahaha...
and as we grow older.. Ang pau also is kind of important.. haha.. ($.$)
but spending time with a big family that's really priceless..
As we grow older, eating and drinking needed to be taken care of..
cookies & mandarin oranges has reduce quite a lot for my consumption..

Now, about the new clothing,
hmm.. I'm thinking to get something classics..haha..
like below:
Chinese Costume


Lastly, I just waiting to get as many ang pau as the below picture.. hahahahaha... "$.$"
Mickey Ang Pao

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  1. Mickey mouse ang pow...hehehe. wonder if there is a stitch ang pow