Sunday, February 24, 2013

|| .:: Chinese Valentine's Day ::. ||

Last day of Chinese New Year celebration..
also the Chinese Valentine's Day..
had a wonderful day... a relaxing day.. an adventure day..
and YES, accompany by myself.. ^^

Sounds a little silly.. but that's the truth..
Rewarded myself with  quite a heavy dinner at a Taiwanese Restaurant..

and while walking towards the restaurant,
I so happen to see a Sunshine House.. hahahaha..
which reminds me that I'm not alone..^^

Looking back at the pass CNY,
yes... I do have lots of Ang Pau.. ^^
and haha...
I haven't had the guts to buy the shirt I plan to...
though I only tried it in the fitting room.. hahahhaa...
Happy Last Day of Chinese New Year!!! ^^

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