Thursday, June 9, 2011

|| coming soon.. ||

Finally it's signed!!!
And that means...I m goin to be free for 4 days soon!!!
the longest B'day break since I'm working..
normally just take a day off and that's it..
but... in this project, one day off isn't enough...
as you'll need to prepare stats for the next day..
having fun working life?
it's quite challenging..tat's y...
a long holiday is needed during my B'day..
need to have sometime for myself.. and
not married to work!
That day, the Doctor give me some medicine for flu...
and i ask her, "is this pills making me faint soon I take it?"
she said, "no, this is for day time and is a lighter dose"
"you shd get more rest and don't married yourself to your work"
I was like.. ha..ha..ha...
Can't wait for my day to come... =D

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