Sunday, July 24, 2011

|| .:: another movie time ::. ||

Yup Yup!!!
Another night movie for tonight...
Sweet sweet...
Got lots of Leng Lui but only got one Leng Zai.. =.="
but is more than enough.. LOL
yeah~ although it's a lame movie with a lame storyline..
but, it's very very sweet..
Only stupid ppl will understand stupid ppl's actions..
I'm stupid... LOL
what matters is the heart..
the outlook or we use to say, "the packaging",
looks good, but many many filled with a stinky heart..
what is the use when "the packaging" start to de-form and the real heart is seen?
Use our Heart to treat everything & everybody..
so that we are truely living in the "REAL" world..
Nitez World..ZZzzzzz....

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