Monday, July 18, 2011

|| .:: relaxing ::. ||

Sometimes, nothing to do is a good thing..
Good for you to rest your mind and think clearly what to do next..
Good for you to enjoy every seconds with what you wanna do...
Good for you to relax your whole body every seconds..
I'm so stupid today.. by looking at the clock,
telling myself that.. "ahh, finally is time for me to relax..."
"seeing to clock ticks.. looking at the count down timer of a movie..."
"and telling myself.. I'm truely enjoying every seconds today"
No need to rush for this n that..
taking the tea a sip.. watching those funny movie...
and eating my favorite snacks...
oohhh~ tat's the most enjoyable moments of life...
I shd do it every sunday..
I'm old ady.. passes the Quarter of the Century...
It's time for me to act old... XXXXXXDDDDDDD

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