Saturday, July 9, 2011

|| .:: Wat had happen today? ::. ||

was on MSN after dunno how many hundreds days i've abandoned it..
2 Ex "hi" me..but I was away...
miss to reply both of them..
Sorry ya both friends~ I was stuck in the jam..

Checking back my hotmail, found that really long long time
din login to clear off some junk mail..
There's a Mail in May the 6th..
which had really caught my attention..
Shock! Shock & Shock!!!
Who is the writer of this mail?
Knowing so detail of almost everything...
But some of the thing is a lil wrong with the prediction of the writer..
he/she said,
"KM, he is a stupid guy for sure, no one would understand how might a man could think of others before think of his ownself (every time), his is KM, stupidest"
I m just a junk.. not as good as you all seen..
But thank you for you all for the concerns made about that issue..
Truely appreciates what you all have done..
but, do rmb, past is past..
present is present..
and future is future..

BF/GF relationship doesn't always give us the most satisfaction..
but a true caring heart from friends, family, colleagues and anyone..
is the most touch, satisfying, happy and appreciated one...
no matter wat the relationship with ones might be, caring does make everyone happy..
As long as everyone is happy, there's ntg we shd be sorry of.. =)

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  1. Good one KM. Think deeply, she is just the one betrayed best friends, lied to you, lied to others, use and take advantages from you and then be cruel to you.that's good to live without her. but yes, past let it past. take care, GBU. :)