Tuesday, December 13, 2011

|| .:: hoknotyalc ::. ||

"sorry for not here taking care of u..
buying u ribenna,
force u to take medicine
force u to rest
buy some grapes and feed u with my hands
i m sure u ll be well faster"

Quote from a conversation...
It's meaningful to me..

This is the limitation of distanced relationship..

"We realise the limitation and appreciate what we can do"
Quote from hoknotyalc..

"In letting me love you and loving me in return, you have shown me the deep joy of putting someone else first"
Quote from Wedding Vows & Traditions

"The more love we receive, the more love we shine forth"
Quote from Dante

Now I know why the "Sunshine" shines so bright.. lolz..
cos hoknotyalc has give so much love to the "Sunshine".. ^^

Quote from the book of Weeding Vows & Traditions:

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