Saturday, November 26, 2011

|| .:: Day 1 ::. ||

Day 1

-Missing alot of ppl..
-cleaning up my room..
-rearrange all the stuff in my room..
-get myself food and drink..
-talking French to the local for the first time..
and found many of them doesn't know english..
-trying to adjust the time different here..

Hope I can get use to all this here as soon as possible.. =)


  1. Instead of a sad house, the pic you could choose is maybe of someone excited at the untold adventures and experience he is going to have. We have choices to make. The choice of feeling sad and crappy or a choice of making the best of the situation. I think you are the kind of person who will try to make the best of the situation. It's ok to feel down once in a while...but pick yourself up after that cause if you choose to always feel crappy, than it's as good as you sitting in a rocking chair because it gives you something to do but it will not get you anyway. Lots of love, encouragement and ribinna strawberry coming your way...muaxs