Tuesday, August 16, 2011

|| .:: Off dAy?? ::. ||

Is tomorrow consider an off day?
no need to work in office = stay at home and work
stay at home and work = off day from office??
anyway, do feel like it's a holiday for me..
as the whole house of ppl
is NOT GOING TO WORK or SCHOOL tomorrow!!! >.<"

The sacrifices that I need to make is..
Wake up at 2am..hopefully can get VPN..
reporting.. then nap awhile.. get up at 7am..
process data.. reporting..then nap awhile..
10am, run script.. monitor till 2pm..
reporting again.. then submit daily report..
and sending out the last monitoring report at 6pm..
yea.. basically is working whole day at home from..
2am to 6pm...
*sigh.. *shake head*..>.<"

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