Tuesday, May 16, 2017

|| .:: The Forgotten ::. ||

This familiar yet alien place was once my free time hobby to post some of my thoughts/feelings and some nice photos. It really has been awhile, after the "incident" and this comfort place has been abandoned.

Well, this place has gone through my ups & my downs. If it's really being forgotten, it's impossible. Memories are really meant to be memories, it's good to look back but it's much more assured to look things further ahead. Watch out for what's coming your ways and what's drifting off is much more important to me.

Now, the format of this newer post has changed. Maintenance some of the gadgets on the right. Sadly lowyat.net clock has been removed and I couldn't borrow that any more. =(

Every post end with a photo and that has been my signature of blogging. Please do allow me to showoff a little here. <3

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