Saturday, February 8, 2014

|| .:: Bitter Sweet ::. ||

Bitter Sweet... that's the word!
In a country like this, the contrast is even more obvious.
It's hard to find a grey area here; rather, the Black & White is much prominent here.

Look at the walking streets above...
and now, look at the buildings below...

and now, look at the food that I've had during Tea-Time..

(Did you see a happy kid running with a balloon?)
(And Yes! I did the art myself.. haha..artistic isn't it?)
The range are just too huge to be shorten..

Sometimes I do feel sorry and pity for the cloth-less children running along the main roads..
but come to think of it.. is this the scene that has been hidden in our home country as well?
did we make an effort to care for them?
Something is needed to be done..
Although it's slightly late, but I do think that it's late better than never.. =)

Drinking that Macchiato without sugar with that creamy cheese,
that's the best to description today's feelings..

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