Tuesday, February 7, 2012

|| .:: Time fly ::. ||

It's already in February..
looking back at Nov 2011..
I was so... haha..
Ok, I admit.. I was scare..
and I miss everyone in Malaysia..
At that time, I really wish I'm not going..
Thank you, for giving me strength to stay strong all the time..
and to be who am I now.. Thank you..
but now, it's about time to say "Bye" to this place..
which I start to get familiar with..
and.. start knowing the ppl here..
and understand their language more and more..
to be honest, i start to miss this place..
as the ppl, weather, clothing and food is really nice..
but no matter how, Home is Home..
there's no place like Home..
I'm coming back!!! I'm more exciting to see you guys than I can say it here..
Counting down... another 10 days for my flight~!!! ^^
The familiar neighbourhood.. I miss u..


  1. yippeee. looking forward to you coming home. so much has changed at kl sentral.

  2. really?? I'll go back and pay them a visit.. hehe..