Friday, January 20, 2012

|| .:: Happy Chinese New Year? ::. ||

This year, 2012, a Dragon Year on the Chinese calender,
which symbolized the ruler, power, strength, gold..
anything good/nice things you can name it..
But, did you all realize something?
All of this, without the bonding of family and friends relationship inside..
Life, is it worth to only earn money and work without taking care of person nearest to you?
Do we have time for our family and friends?
will time wait for us to realise that?
If we can earn "time" instead of money, would it be better for us?
Just like the movie, "In Time"..
I think is somewhat good for those who needs Time so desperately..
To All Friends, Appreciates your time with family and friends during this festive season..
Happy Chinese New Year to you all~!
=") --> T.T --> =(

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