Sunday, January 1, 2012

|| .:: Sunshines ::. ||

Sunshines do brighten someone's day..
Especially on the first day of the year..
I'm happy to see sunshines..
Felt warm.. is like a pair of invisible hands,
that are trying to hugz me from heaven..
Felt blessed..
We hate the sun so much in Malaysia..
We always says, Sun can you please don't shines to much!? It's too hot!! >.< but it's weird if you don't see one everyday.. You'll miss it so much.. Was being so moody last yr.. (ops! last few days i meant.. lol) part of it, is caused by the weather for sure.. I love you sun & I hope being the "Sunshines", do brighten up each of your days..


  1. Now you see why certain people love walking in the sun. ;)

  2. it is great to hear that u r in france. may god bless u always and take care.