Sunday, January 8, 2012

|| .:: I'm Watch ::. ||

Wow!!! I just found an eye catching watch!!
Which.. i think it's evolve from an IPOD..
Well, it's much pricier than an IPOD because it can do way more things..
come back to the most basic question..
Do you need a smart watch?
If you have one smart watch, what is the use of an Smartphone then?
It's much better to watch video, sms, chat, whatapps... etc..
on a bigger screen rather than a 1.5" screen?
Let's face the fact, I'm Watch, is just a fancy toy..
What I think is better would be IPOD + bluetooth..
Thats enough..
call, sms, emails, chat, video.. is better to be done on a 4.3" screen..
Anyway, it's an innovative idea..Enjoy the video!! ^^

i'm watch - the first real smartwatch in the world from im watch on Vimeo.

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