Saturday, January 14, 2012

|| .:: Thanksgiving time ::. ||

Thank you thank you and thank you..
For giving me a wonderful family..
For giving me a bunch of wonderful friends..
For giving me a nice place be in all the time..
For giving me a bunch of nice colleagues..
For giving me ideas for me to solve all of the problems..
For allowing me to share my ups and downs...
For taking care of me, my family, friends all the time..
also, last but not least, for giving me a special friend..
the list would go On-and-on.. =)
I've been blessed..

This praises has to be given to God..
Only him, could do all this miracle all the time..
To confess, I need to admit that I'm just a normal human being..
I'm not brilliant nor smart nor clever..
When everytime I face a problem,
it's not me who solve the issue..
It was HIM to give me those ideas and ways to solve something..
He, is always there for me..
Being praise by others is a good thing, especially by non-asian..
but, i need to credit this to God because all the works, was done by him..
it's only through me to to delivery it out..
Thank you so much God..

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