Thursday, January 9, 2014

|| .:: Relax.Enjoy.Happy ::. ||

Is life all about $$$???
Some say yes; some say no..
Well, we do need money to survives..
But apart from getting ourself a fortune,
We do need some quiet time and relax time..
Just to clear our minds and calm ourself down..
Maybe that's one of my way to be relax..

Titled this month post as Relax.Enjoy.Happy because
I found that when we are relax, we enjoyed and we do feel happy about it..
Getting all the issues out from your head just for a few days are indeed marvelous!
as if you are putting all, ALL, I MEAN ALL your burden down!!!
My shoulders are so much lighter and the word peace does floating around my mind..

Sitting at Nadeje, listening to the music that they broadcast..
Seeing people walking here and there just making you feel your actions are so slow..
Which translate to you finally have nothing to rush and relax and peaceful..
And most important of all, I feel enjoyed and happy about it..( before any nightmare appears )

The drizzling of the water from the sky,
Making this special moment felt even more slower than it is..
Seeing the rain drops at the edge of the roof,
Gently fallen onto the hard warm ground making us realise that
This special moment may be exist but the cruel facts of time is running at its pace..

Anyhow, let me bite this cute little cheesy guy in front of me now.. Haha..

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