Sunday, April 24, 2011

|| Back to the boring days.. ||

Haiz.. goin back to the boring days again..
another 2 days... got activity..
another 3 days... got another activity...
another 5 days.. got another activity..
among those 3 planned activity..
the last one is the one who I'm most looking forward with...
hopefully this week is better with the work load..
and... dun make myself too tired...
as to prepare for those 3 activities..


  1. WOW!takecare! today we all enjoy the easter! hope the eggs will bring you lucks! busy whole day for easter but its worth! i enjoyed the most! HAPPY! ;]

  2. 加油!!=]

    from: 匿名的好友

  3. KM ur church at sentul west. wat is the name of ur church? i wan to visit ur church wen i free. To know more about Jesus.

  4. No No!! The church I'm attending is FGA KL, located at Kuchai Lama. That day, was Easter Sunday. The whole church celebrate there..
    Wanna know more about Jesus? Open ur heart and let him in.. Jesus is everywhr with us.. If ur heart is ready to accept him, u're always welcome to praise n worship him together with us in church. <-- u can find out more from here~

  5. Dear anonymous, welcome to the christian world! God bless you!