Wednesday, April 20, 2011

|| idiot?||

How come my blog is becoming a battle field?
This is my page.. If u dun like to come, pls..
Go off..
No one forcing u to come..
Unless u r too free to drop by..
Then, pls pay some basic respect..
I like to place down my one day..
Or perhaps.. few here..
Boastful? Hmm.. U shd see more in fb..
But not here...
I put watever I like to put here..

Cili Padi wrote was because
A loyal reader is sending email
To her faking my name..
And this anonymous reader is from here
where I can communicate with him/her..
I'm sorry to this anonymous reader..
But we're over.. So u can stop faking
my name to send her email..
I still dunno who u r...but thank you
For your good hearted..

Regarding about the office work..
I'm more than able to distribute my time
To do watever I wish to..
Depending I want to or not only...
judging others with so shallow observation
is obviously a "BUNNY"...
What's a BUNNY? Haha.. We all know..


  1. KM,share you something, that day father told me, one day she will understand, she might be too late, but perhaps there is not your matter anymore. as long as you knew you did wrong,and you had tried your best to offset,god will forgive you. he told me, if a person giving up things that he/she should be appreciate, actually he/she is losing those best things in the life. I guess, you already done very well, but, don't forget to takecare your ownself. GBU!

  2. just felt you are this kind of person. ;) share with you KM. God will grant you lucks!
    有这样一种人, 他们很傻。貌似很花心,其实很专一;貌似很坚强,其实比谁都要脆弱;貌似很开心,可是笑容背后的哀伤谁又能懂呢? 其实很多时候,这一类人都是在自我折磨。明明很爱很爱对方,却宁愿心痛的死掉,也选择放手。然后转身离开,任眼泪肆意流淌! 其实很多时候,这一类人很好懂。他们表面嘻嘻哈哈,大大咧咧的,实际内心很细腻,他会设身处地的为你着想。他往往会比那些把想你爱你挂在嘴边的人更在乎你,因为他是把你放在心里的。 其实很多时候,这种人都很敏感。他们害怕孤单,因为一个人的时候,他们会胡思乱想。...所以如果你有事不能陪他,请你告诉他,否则他会担心你出事了,还是不理他了。 其实很多时候,这种人都在感伤。不是他们多愁善感,只是容易触景生情罢了,他们喜欢用文字记录自己的心情。 其实很多时候,这种人都处在矛盾之中。是继续,还是暂停;是放弃;还是坚持?看似感性的他们,却往往于最后让理性驾驭整个思维。因为他们明白,即使会牵肠挂肚,即使会刻骨铭心,可是好多东西是不得不错过的。 其实很多时候,这种人很自卑。越是自卑越是把自己伪装的很坚强,所以他看起来会有点臭脾气,有点任性,还有点小心眼。实际上他是很善良很单纯的人。只是他永远不会告诉你:多少个不眠之夜,想的是你;多少个梦中萦回,思的是你;多少次心海波澜,念得也是你! 所以如果你懂他,你真的喜欢他,请好好珍惜;如果他对你来说无所谓,请别把手放开!因为他的心是脆的,你伤不起!

  3. To anonymous and all who r commenting. Dont simply judge a person. U never know who is right or wrong. How can u "BIG MOUTH" said something which is not true. How much do u know them? Look at yourself first. LOVE CANNOT BE FORCED. U think nowadays LOVE can drink water only. THINK FAR FOR LOVE. TO LOVE IS EASY BUT TO ACT GOOD N PURE IS DIFFICULT. "WAKE UP" all ASSHOLES........

  4. everything will be fine
    relax, dont angry =)
    just be yourself, and F the troublesome ppl XD

    PS:the 2nd comment jz like 射手座 LMAO

    from: 匿名的好友