Thursday, April 21, 2011

|| thank you ||

Din see that there are comments just now..
Thanks for all for the caring...
And the wishes...
appreciates very much.. :)
May God Bless Everyone!!!
Easter is just around the corner...
If you feel like going to know the mighty ones,
Do join me on sunday at sentul west
On sunday at 6.30am..
For the celebration of the risen king..


  1. Happy eather to you KM!again, sorry for are awesome!God will blessing you and her and everyone around you. takecare! god bless.

  2. can't wait for tomorrow! can't wait for my "lucky" egg! may the eggs will bring us lucks. GBU!

  3. The Lord came to earth
    with a life to give,
    so each one of us
    may continue to live.
    Happy Easter!